Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Possum Magic - Border #2 Done and Dusted

For those of you who visit here and were unaware...where've you been???.....I am part of an illustrious crew known as Possum Magic.

Possum Magic is a Trans Tasman Round Robin Quilting Bee made from some fair dinkum Aussie girls and 3 Kiwis.One of the Kiwis is an import from France but we're not picky Down Under.

Aussie Sheila's are :

Kiwi Chicks are :
Alice from Blossom Quilts
and Moi ( I'm Not the French one in case you were wondering )

We have a schedule and I always receive from Jane and then send onto Alice in Wellington which is a godsend since I always finish the day it's due and probably because I know she's only 1 days post away!!!!


This is what I received from Jane, Carla's centre improv leaf...love...with Jane's first border of green and white bricks fading out to just white/low volume bricks....love love love.

To colour or not to colour?? That was the question....of course I had to colour!!

 With these babies! Simplified Flowers by Little Miss Shabby for Moda Bakeshop .Corey also does a mini version as well...too cute

 Then I thought every garden needs some crawly, buggy inhabitants, so along came these guys from Pieced By Numbers' online Craftsy shop.

 A little bit of sewing, piecing, ripping of paper ( Not my hair phewww ) and a fair bit of pinning later we have this......whaddya think peeps?

 Shhh don't tell the others but I was considering saying I had posted it.......and I have no idea what could've happened to it....damn Karma

 I ran out of time...surprise surprise...to embroider the Ladybug's antennae on but I'm hoping Alice or Wendy might do it for me since they are both handy with the needle.....hint hint

I really enjoyed working on this border and was sad to see it go, but I'm hoping Carla likes her little quilt so far.
Linking up with Heather and Megan @ Quiltstory ( Missed you guys !)


And Alyce @ Blossom Heart Quilts ( Feels like forever since I've linked )

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sunday Stash # 15 - Sneaky Goings On

Sunday again? How did that roll around so quickly?

 Must be because I have been up to no good sneaking and lurking around the internet...that sounds way more creepy when I read it back!

Let me clarify

Swap bee

I joined this, Little Quilt Swap on Instagram! Look at me getting all IG and jiggy wit it!

If you know me at all...which some of you do too well...I am a huge fan of all things Sarah and was super gutted when I missed out on the call.She stopped it at 200 and I was only a couple of hours behind the post!! But messaged me shortly thereafter to say there were 10 very sad people who just missed out....so whats another 10...YAY!

So this weeks fabric is brought to you by Fabric Shack and Super Sleuthy OWB

These three also came but in the cold light of day they didn't make the cut...too light and more pastel against the others...poor wallflowers.
PK Picnic Tonal Cherries in Butter , PK Picnic Simple Dot in Mint and White and 30s Playtime in Betty's Pink.......I don't know who Betty is but it's a weird pink, more Dusty Rose.

These are all Gracie Girl by Lori Holt and were on sale @ $4.99!!! So of course I did the practical thing and bought some to puff out the parcel.

Last but not least Sweet Things mini Cherries in Grey.....also on Sale...just sayin ;)

I also bought this book....a little disappointed by the content but it wasn't very expensive and I think I will make at least two things from it....

Plus I have been doing a little of this....all will be revealed on Tuesday...so y'all come back now!

Linking up with Molli who is going to do a T-Shirt Quilt Post soon, which I can't wait for as Mr OWB has a rather large collection of Surf Shirts that I would love to make into a quilt!

 Molli Sparkles

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sunday Stash - #14 The One With Fabric In It

I have new fabric this week, surprise ,surprise!

I won't muck around as I went out last night to my Eldest Wee Bird's BFF's  21st and partied like it was 1999...it was not 1999 and I am not 28 anymore and Baby OWB woke up at 6am!!!!

Say no more.

So lets dive right in....Heather Ross Far Far Away..love this wee frog

Moda Into The Woods by Vanessa Goertzen for Moda...interestingly the top fabric states the colour as Ice Frappe and the other minty greens are Cypress, but they all blend together fine.

 Trendsetter by Fancy Pants designs for Riley Blake...love the name Fancy Pants LOL
Anyone noticing a minty green theme going on here....

 Figures by Zen Chic, in Linen and Saffron

Avant Garden by MoMo, top to bottom dots in Sage, Olive and Cerise.
I also bought it the Aloe  colourway which you'll see goes nicely with Mustang. Not minty at all but a happy mistake.

Mustang by Melody Miller from Cotton and Steel... Arrows  and Flowers.
I was trying to resist these prints and just go for the blenders, but they jumped into my cart and I'm not disappointed.

Miss Kate from Bonnie and Camille, I'm still a fan of B & C and always will because of these kind of blues, gorgeous and crisp!!

And more Low Volume just because I can't seem to get enough of these and with all the different Bees and Round Robin sewing I have been doing ( you just haven't seen any yet!!) some are being used up before they even make it to the shelf!

The top B&W print is from Carrie Bloomston's new collection Paint.
The 3 below are from Elementary by Sweetwater for Moda...I predict this will be another very succesful line for them with the mixture of LV, Text and Numbers.

Last but certainly not least is this Dr Seuss ABC panel...purely for baby OWB as we are all Dr Seuss mad around here and she's just started to get into the books...just another excuse really, but she did utter the appropriate WOW when I showed her.

I am training her well

I have also signed up for the Little Quilt Swap run by Sarah...but more on that next week...she says yawning

Linking up with Molli who's going all retro this week with Nancy Drew...I was a Famous Five kinda girl ;)

Molli Sparkles

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday - No New Stash

Holla  My Friends!! How are we all this week??

Can you believe it no new fabric again this week....I know something is very wrong with the Universe??

But I did get some sewing done...Yay...after I had a wee freak out that my Possum Magic border #2 was due to be posted and I wasn't finished... Thankfully I have Wendy who is all things sane and she emailed to say it's not until the 29th!! Seriously how do I get dressed in the morning??

   But look what she has done with my wee bird

Alice's first border is just gorgeous and soft, and she included some very special fabric in the hexagons...I'll say it again, Quilty people are the best!!

Once I got over the heart palpitations of being late I resisted the urge to start a new Quilt......aaaaaaanndd did my Bee Blocks instead. Such a good Girl.

The Compass Quilters Queen Bee for September is Nesta and she requested some cross stitch blocks using this tutorial, in Orange, Pink and Lemon. Some of my favourite Sherbety colours!

I may have gone a little overboard in the cutting department, but since Nesta lives in Italy ( I know so exotic...swoon ) fabric is a bit of a nightmare to source. So I don't think she'll mind the extras

Tell me ...Is it just me? Everytime it seems I make a block for someone else I am suddenly overcome with the need want to have a quilt of my own using the same block?? What is up with that??!!

 For Stash Bee September's Queen is Diana and she chose this paper pieced fish.Once again if I had read all the instructions first I would have had these whizzed up in a jiffy.Diane sent the background fabric already cut and I was at a loss to one of the shapes not fitting the required space.....But once I read the instructions people!! Diane had sent the squares for the particular number in question...they were NOT spares as I had thought....sheesh

 This photo is just a teaser for Carla ...mwahahaha

I don't know where she gets this type of behaviour from...really who's her mother!

Linking up with Molli for Sunday Stash even though I have nothing new....

Molli Sparkles

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Around The World Blog Hop - Dead End

If  you are here from the Around The World Blog Hop, I'm sorry to say you have reached a Dead End!

I was tagged by the lovely Shauna from Shauna's World to participate, promptly forgot about it, was gently reminded and then after apologizing thought it would be a piece of cake to pass the chain along....apparently I have been living under a rock and everyone has already been tagged!!

But I will still follow through and forge ahead with the questions!!

#1 What Are You Working On?

Seriously? What am I not working on!!! I am working on trying to get to work on time for ONE WHOLE WEEK...that's everyday in a row folks!

As for Quilty stuff......loads and loads

I made these two blocks this week for Stash Bee Queen Kathy

And put them in here

  I am in the very middle of Carla's Border #2 for Possum Magic

I was Queen Bee for the Compass Quilters group I belong to for August so I should be working on making more blocks to supplement what is arriving in my mailbox, but instead I've pulled this stack to start on Nesta's blocks for September...gorgeous it will be

And these are what I should be working on...binding for On A Whim and finishing my Nested Churn Dash

And cleaning up this absolute bloody shambles....oh the shame

It looks like a fabric Rainbow farted in there...there is stuff piled on stuff on other stuff!!

I'll make the two next answers short, just cause I feel sorry for you!

# 2 How Does Your Work Differ From Others In this Genre?

I don't know how to answer this...I don't think mine does differ greatly or stand out as a particular individual style. I just do whatever takes my fancy, mixed in with a WHOLE lot of what can I realistically get done in my very limited spare time that will keep the "creative side " of me happy. 

# 3 Why Do You Write / Create What You Do

Simple....to make the creative ,fun loving, very non PC girl inside me smile. And in doing so escape the everyday hum drum or sometimes challenging daily role that we all have responsibilities in.

You did so well!! You made it to the dead end!! Just for that I'm going to send you to two people just because I think you should read their blogs.They were two of my very first.

Alyce @ Blossom Heart Quilts   ( pronounced Ah-Leese ) and through her I met the irrepressible Joshua @ Molli Sparkles

And lets link up with Lee at Freshly Pieced so Wednesday isn't a complete Dead End

 WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced