Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Around The World Blog Hop - Dead End

If  you are here from the Around The World Blog Hop, I'm sorry to say you have reached a Dead End!

I was tagged by the lovely Shauna from Shauna's World to participate, promptly forgot about it, was gently reminded and then after apologizing thought it would be a piece of cake to pass the chain along....apparently I have been living under a rock and everyone has already been tagged!!

But I will still follow through and forge ahead with the questions!!

#1 What Are You Working On?

Seriously? What am I not working on!!! I am working on trying to get to work on time for ONE WHOLE WEEK...that's everyday in a row folks!

As for Quilty stuff......loads and loads

I made these two blocks this week for Stash Bee Queen Kathy

And put them in here

  I am in the very middle of Carla's Border #2 for Possum Magic

I was Queen Bee for the Compass Quilters group I belong to for August so I should be working on making more blocks to supplement what is arriving in my mailbox, but instead I've pulled this stack to start on Nesta's blocks for September...gorgeous it will be

And these are what I should be working on...binding for On A Whim and finishing my Nested Churn Dash

And cleaning up this absolute bloody shambles....oh the shame

It looks like a fabric Rainbow farted in there...there is stuff piled on stuff on other stuff!!

I'll make the two next answers short, just cause I feel sorry for you!

# 2 How Does Your Work Differ From Others In this Genre?

I don't know how to answer this...I don't think mine does differ greatly or stand out as a particular individual style. I just do whatever takes my fancy, mixed in with a WHOLE lot of what can I realistically get done in my very limited spare time that will keep the "creative side " of me happy. 

# 3 Why Do You Write / Create What You Do make the creative ,fun loving, very non PC girl inside me smile. And in doing so escape the everyday hum drum or sometimes challenging daily role that we all have responsibilities in.

You did so well!! You made it to the dead end!! Just for that I'm going to send you to two people just because I think you should read their blogs.They were two of my very first.

Alyce @ Blossom Heart Quilts   ( pronounced Ah-Leese ) and through her I met the irrepressible Joshua @ Molli Sparkles

And lets link up with Lee at Freshly Pieced so Wednesday isn't a complete Dead End

 WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


  1. Wow Rebecca - you have so much fabric. No wonder you come up with such wonderful creations, you have so many resources at your finger tips. All you need now is a bit more time! But don't we all.

  2. rainbow fart!!! hahahahaha!!! Your bee blocks are brilliant, have fun tidying :)

  3. Great analogy! I just hate cleaning it up cuz there's so much more I'd rather be doing. I finally made a "to put away" box, but it fills up so fast, you can't see the sign for it. But isn't it lovely when it's all clean?

  4. Ha! I have to do a post on. Monday and only found one person that hadn't done it, too! I love your dead end. :) and the rainbow fart joke - I might have to use that someday. ;)

  5. Love the book blocks with the selvages. I made some similar ones recently as part of my SkillBuilder BOM. And I wouldn't worry too much about the dead end on the blog hop... these things happen!

  6. I would rather have too much fabric than be looking for the right color for a bee block, with that comes the "disruption in the force" or rather our organized space. Your blocks do look great

  7. I just finished Nesta's blocks. I think mine will play nicely with yours in Italy. The colours she chose make me happy.
    I am very excited by the sneak peeks of 'my' border!
    Rainbow farts!? Hilarious!

  8. Well if that's what it looks like when a rainbow farts, I hope one happens at my house soon! Love the citrus colored fabrics you've pulled together

  9. I must have had a crowd of rainbows in my sewing room then...! Love, love, love the fabrics you've chosen for my blocks! Lovely "quilty stuff"!!!


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