Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday Stash # 13 - The Strays

Hi My Lovelies!

I have been trying to round up the strays this weekend and get some order cleared in the nether regions....NO not those ones...the downstairs, where lurks my poor neglected stash and sewing machine, aka Lady Muck.

I kinda succeeded

3 blocks isn't too bad is it for a whole lot of fluffing around?? And I didn't even get to make enough time to show you the teeny tiny houses I've had forever AND some of the blocks that have been arriving for my month as Queen Bee for Compass Quilters.

 These are my two blocks for Stash Bee.This month's queen was Kathy who graciously stepped in for another as life got in the it does! 
This quilt is for her little girl and all that was required was books on a shelf with selvedges as titles....sooooooo much fun was had hunting through my selvedges that the books were done OVER a week ago and I've only just sewn the titles on today

WTF??...anywhoo going in the mail tomorrow!!

2015 Stash Bee sign ups will be opening mid - October, see this post here .

Alison@little bunny quilts is taking over as Hive coordinator and I can't recommend this Bee enough.

I am having an absolute blast and have had a great introduction to my first Bee.

This is a test block for one of the ideas I have for Carla's Quilt in possum Magic so far I'm very happy with it...time is the evil here...I have ten days to make alot of little blocks...

Also if anyone would like me to tag them in a Blog Hop week after next let me know. I've been tagged for this week and since I've been away from blogland sooo much lately it seems everyone but me knew about it!!!

This is my lone fabric purchase this week, a beautiful 1/2 yard of OOP Tula Pink scored via IG from my lovely friend Katie

Linking up with Molli who has lovely friends too...they send him stuff just cause he said stuff ?

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday Randomness - A Tale of Furniture Addiction

OK, so along with my fabric addiction I have a small addiction to a couple of other things...... shoes, specifically boots, and used furniture.

I used to smoke like a train so I guess it's part of my general make up.Luckily I never got rich and famous so I never developed any serious addictions

 I saw this baby a few weeks back at a lovely coffee / home decor boutique called Flux. I loved it but as I'm trying to be a sensible grownup and not impulse buy more projects!!!! I left said coffee shop......but with the measurements on a bit of paper.....

Long story short it went straight from the shop to my upholsterer...9 freakin metres of fabric later people!

Fortunately a wonderfully timed stop at my local spotlight saw this Powder Blue suede upholstery fabric on sale for $20 per metre down from $40 something

Unfortunately the squabs needed replacing and the denseness prevented them from being pulled in as before, but I still love it and wee girl thinks it's "cool"

Any directions to a good mosaic maker for photos so you poor people don't have to keep scrolling for Africa would also be greatly appreciated.....just sayin

 So that means this cute chair covered in really really ugly fabric, that was in bubby's room

Seriously soooo ugly now going to get the recovered treatment and go into my room!

 Probably with this gorgeous fabric!!!

 And these I've just thrown in so you know I wasn't lying about Spring coming

Daffodils and Daisies in my garden

 The view from my deck at 5.30pm...still light Yaaaaaay!

 It is Monday here but I'll link it up with the Tuesday girls Heather and Megan @ Quilt Story

 and Alyce @ Blossom Heart Quilts since it feels like forever since I've seen them!!!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday Stash #12 - Spring Is Here

Just a quick pop in to show some luscious fabric that arrived this week, I'll let the fabric do the talking since I have 5 minutes before my programme starts and I'm all sweaty from my run....TMI?

Top to bottom, Pink,Orange,Lipstick and Lemon

Top to bottom Oui oui Monsieur (binding finally !!) Moustaches and Text by Alison Glass....which I've already used the half yard, so now I need more...aaaghhh

This fabric surely needs no introduction, it is Birch by Joel Dewberry and I'm madly in love with it, I have bought 3 1/2 yards of decorator weight for a project I have in mind. If you follow me on IG you will already have a heads up #addictedtofurniture

This little package is from Fat Quarter Shop, mostly because I had to have the bicycle fabric and thanks to Jo@ Riddle And Whimsy who sourced it based on a pic! So the other two were just to fill the package of course!
Left to right Bicycles , Lemon Dot and Mint Dot

Also gorgeous friend whose Super Power is crochet also has Knitted Sock Super Powers and made these for me...aren't they just the cutest and oh so snuggly

These two photos are just to show you what an awful day I had today on this terrible beach

With this scrumptious munchkin...whose t -shirt really says all there is to say about being two!

Linking up with Molli for Sunday Stash who is about to throw a huge Toga Party for us would be so fabulous!!!

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Possum Magic - Border One

Well August has well and truly bitten me in the ass hasn't it?! We are already half way through it and this is my first post.

But have no fear my peeps I have been doin stuff and some of it has been sewing.

Possum Magic border one has been completed and sent!
This is Jane's centre block that I needed to add to, luckily I had seen it in advance and come up with an idea that I thought might go with the whole flying geese ,directional theme.

 But I did have to wait for it to arrive before I could do a proper fabric pull....then I left it until the VERY last minute, damn kids and stuff! But it came together perfectly and only had to travel to Wellington, Phew!!

Jane had used shot cottons which I do love but I know from experience the colour on screen can be deceiving to that of real life

 After ALOT of humming and harring about the background fabric I settled on my first choice...doesn't that just twist your undies!!

Another shot cotton in a gorgeous green, I couldn't decide on whether to separate the arrows from the geese with a small border, so once again went with my first option

 The pattern for the 3" ( finished ) arrows comes from here

And TaDa this is what I came up with ....... it's really saturated with colour in the flesh and I'm so glad Jane chose a dark background as it really pushed me with colour choice.

I even pulled out the old colour wheel thingy to contemplate what was going to make the deep Plum background pop and still give the others some variety to work with for accents.

Quite like it on point too...
Ta Dots are one of my absolute faves but the Kaffe Fassett print above, that I've had stashed for far too long, just looked great with every background I tried!

Now onto Carla's Border #2....this is all I have to show so far but I have decided to jump in and add colour to her gorgeous green leaf
Patchwork leaf block made using improvised curved piecing by Granny Maud's Girl
  Although I was tempted to stay with the colour scheme that Jane had added
I cannot help myself !!! There will be colour!!! Here are the other Possums,pop on over and see what they've been up to.

  Alice of Blossom Quilts & Crafts
Wendy of Wendy’s Quilts and More
 Linking up with the less than colourful this week Molli ( he has the Winter lurgy ) for Sunday Stash and fabricky goodness

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