Friday, November 2, 2018

Maple Leaf Block - Classic and Vintage Series

Hi Peeps!

Yes it's me again...third time in one week has got to be a record for the One Wee Bird blog posts...well at least for a really long time LOL

The Fat Quarter Shop has been reviving some of their older posts from their Classic and Vintage Series and this is one of them.

The Maple Leaf Quilt Block would you believe yet another quilt block I have never made? This is why I love it when they invite me to do these things because it's quite often something I've never tried before!


I googled the block and there are some gorgeous quilts out there, but mostly in the autumn colours and a few in scrappy rainbow...I wanted to do something lighter and more Spring - like?

As I can never make one of any block I'm trying out I made 4......then got stuck.....until I tried this layout, mmmm I like I have an idea and I'm going to put pen to paper and see if I can come up with a quilt plan?

Watch this space....and if you have any ideas feel free to share them this way xx

Talk soon Peeps!

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Monty the Monster - Finishing Stuff

Hi Peeps!

So as I mentioned last time, I have become the proud owner of a new to me Gamill Statler Longarm quilting machine named Monty. You can have a quick squiz at him here or just have a trawl through my Insta feed.

As a result I am getting a craaaazzzy amount of WIPS finished while I learn how to manipulate him and the quilting's awesome...and totally blowing my mind. But the one thing I didn't realise was how heavy the unfinished tops were laying on my shoulders??

Like this one...all the heart eyes here...I love it sooo much!

I accidentally made it while tidying up my sewing know how it goes...found a cute pattern, saw a cute pile of fabric...stopped everything else to sew it up immediately like a woman of a fabric hoarder/quilter LOL

And then I got Monty and he made this little quilts wishes come true and turned her into a beautiful swan.

I really want to keep it but I've made a pile of Quilts for a local charity that rehouses children into new families and the others like this one I am listing them in my Etsy I don't drown in quilts.

I've bound it with a coordinating Annabel Wrigley print from the front, the line is Daisy Chain if you're curious and backed it with a vintage pastel striped sheet...super cute and soft.

The sheet has a slight rust mark that I didn't notice despite pre washing but I'm confident it will fade over time. When using vintage sheets as backings I'm happy with the odd mark and/or stain ( as long as it's not blood ) for the sake of being able to recycle. The textile industry has a lot of responsibility on it's shoulders when it comes to polluting our planet.... I think :(

Talk soon Peeps xx