Saturday, February 15, 2014

Sunday Stash - More Buying

I can't believe another week has passed with so little sewing in it but more buying?
I did however manage to get these posted off last week and VERY late I might add

These were for Danny for Stash Bee Hive #1 and are for January...I know I know!...... that's why I sent 3 blocks instead of one and some other bits and pieces...all out bribery it was!
Wonky Improv Stars with sashing, right out of my comfort zone but so much fun. 
Now onto the squishy parcel, this week I am firmly blaming The Fabric Shack, I really only wanted some stash of this Riley Blake le Crème Dots
and then all this jumped into my cart as well....
Catnap by Lizzy house and Painters Canvas in Peach...a happy accident that it's the same shade.The 3 Blind Mice on the peach print are killer and I'm not really a cat person...don't hate I think it's just Lizzy's general quirkiness that appeals to me?
PS. Sorry there are intermittent links to fabric pages the store catalogue went down while I was adding them...very rude!
Hello Petal by Aneela Hoey, just a few that caught my eye...I am well aware that I chose more dinky cutsie girly prints..again!! The Navy print is very deep and quite a different contrast with the dark fuschia prints.
Love this one!

I may have bought more Tasha Noel...the cute factor is ridiculous
I thought these two would make great linings for pouches or as the exterior for other novelty bits and bobs....sound like my Nana when I say bits and bobs!
Enchanted by Natalie Lymer.......stupid cute why did I bother resisting all this time

 Fox and toadstools!!
Cute girly and hedgehogs and toadstools and birdy??

Sorry about the weird lines it was really bright sun under cover, probably just as well since I had about ten more photos as I got more out of control...cute fabric relieves you of all sanity!!
thank goodness for that you say!! linking up with the divine Molli Sparkles and hopefully I will sew something this week, maybe even my February Stash blocks and the pattern testing for Alyce!!!!



Saturday, February 8, 2014

Sunday Stash - Who's Been Buying Stuff

I am definitely not up to being on any sort of Fabric Diet, I am trying to be more selective but there are just so many pretty fabrics out there wanting to jump into my cart....what's a girl to do
I blame Hawthorne Threads for everything that is below
Joel Dewberry True Colours Herringbone....gorgeous in Maple, Pink,Turquoise and Yellow

Skinny laMinx Up Up & and Away...Up in the Air, Free As a Bird and Dots & Stripes

Flower Fairies by Alexander Henry in Berry
Wee Wander by Sarah can you not buy this...seriously??
 It is just gorgeous!
This print reminds me of Heather Ross

I love how the fireflies in the trees have a smudged effect

Friday, February 7, 2014

Stories Behind The Quilts - To Share Or Not To Share

It is Friday again and although I've missed a few I do have a finish to show
Sometimes there are stories to go with your quilts

I have written this post a couple of times for Friday but never quite finished as this little quilt has a sad is the quilt that I finished straight after Mr One Wee Bird passed away a phrase I never thought I would be writing at the ripe old age of 42!!!

I certainly didn't think I would share such an awful," keeping it real" post, EVER!!! when I started this blog but I'm sharing because this crazy fabric, making,sewing habit and community that we are all part of is so kind and generous and welcoming.
This little mini was for my partner in the DQS14 swap and it quite literally saved me from losing my mind each night that I sat down and quilted it amid a SEA of tears

Every time I looked at this little group of bags to go with my quilt it gave me a sense of purpose that each night I had something to do and keep my hands busy

Mr OWB thought these bags were great and asked me to make one for his GoPro camera that he took surfing, fishing and diving with him.

I finished it and mailed it before the international deadline and am glad that it is not living in my house but has gone to live with someone who loves it as I'm sure it would break my heart to have to look at it everyday..... and she has sent me the most lovely words on it's story.

It makes you think about all the stories behind the quilts that you see...some may not have any ,but I bet ALOT do
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Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Look what arrived in my mailbox today from Karen aka Sew Peachey

So, so ,so pretty all wrapped up in Red Letter Day by Lizzie House, which I don't have any of, and desperately wanted some of those ducks!!

Do you know how difficult it is not to rip into packages that you haven't purchased for yourself!!

then there is this BEAUTIFUL mini spools!!!!!

And all these other delicious things, Heather Ross key fob.....GET OUTTA TOWN CUTE!
Tape measure washi tape and chocolate....I had to sit down

For my first swap ever I can't believe how awesome it's been despite a few hiccups and one family tragedy ( not ready to share) and I really can't wait for the next one to begin...Quilty people are amazing,kind,creative,generous and generally bloody gorgeous....Thankyou Karen