Saturday, February 14, 2015

Sunday Stash #23 - Trying To Be Good

Welcome to another Sunday Stash! I can't quite believe how quickly these roll around?

Despite what it may look like I have been relatively good with my fabric purchases, these are all about 3 weeks old...truly!!...I just haven't had a chance to log them in.

The first few bundles are from Quilt Home, lovely to deal with and always beautifully packaged with a handwritten note.

I tried to only buy colours I felt I was lacking in my stash, so lets start with Purple!

Top to Bottom Rustique by Emily Herrick, these two have sold out at Quilt Home but I found them here.
The Quilt Pirates are my absolute favourite!!!

Lime Green!! I have very little of this in my stash and needed it for pops of colour in the Possum Magic border of flying geese I did top to bottom we have,

I also struggle with Dark Blue and True Red so these were perfect!
Shelburne Falls (which has since sold out but I've linked to the others on sale) Beauty Queen, Any Cup Will Do and Kaffe

These just fell in to fill up the bag, cause they're scrummy!!!
Jemma, Lovely Lattice,  Paperweight in Paprika and Yellow, and an eyeball popping Michael Miller spot in Sorbet.

I also succumbed to some Doe and Violet and was intrigued to see coordinating Kona Solids on the Doe selvedge ...very clever and convenient!!

It's Monday tomorrow so time to get ready for the working week my lovely Peeps.
Linking up with the delightful Molli whose stash is having babies??...I'm thinking this could be a logical explanation for my rapidly multiplying stash too LOL

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Friday, February 13, 2015

A Profanity Swap - Bitches Get Stitches

This post does have bad words in it and pictures of bad words, if that's not your thing, that's OK with me just don't scroll down!

Just had to warn some of my peeps that this isn't a sweet smelling nice post, it has some very salty words in it, and I appreciate that not everyone who stops by here for a visit enjoys seeing bad words in all their fabricky colour........and that's completely OK!

I myself have been known to throw a few unladylike words into the air... and if I get really pissed off some down right "wash your mouth out with soap" hair curlers LOL

Sooooo when Angelina from @weenchaweena threw out the question "who wants to do a profanity swap?" was a no brainer people!

 Here are my "Shit Buckets"...or if you are wanting to make some of your own...more appropriately named "Nesting Fabric Bowls" they are from here.

Great pattern,very detailed and easy to follow.

 Lets make no mistake here I am NOT A SEWER, if I can do it anyone can.I do not know why I can do Y-seams and paper piece and follow detailed quilt patterns but any type of straight sewing takes me at least two goes to get my head around???

This was not my original plan and also not the use I had in mind for this Dr Seuss panel when I purchased it...but it sooooo appealed to my sense of humour.

So I made some Fuck coasters as well. Used this tutorial here, but wished I had just stuck to my tried and true method of binding instead of the pull from the back double over method I used here.

After two layers of wadding and some Insulbrite to disperse heat the double folded canvas was an absolute Bitch to sew and my machine was complaining loudly...more so about the black thread than anything??

What is up with that? I am tempted to buy Aurifil in black just to see if that makes any difference.

The boys thought this swap was pretty cool....I don't allow them to swear willy nilly so I think the whole quilting and swearing with a childrens book theme was just too bizarre for them and they had to ask questions.See I can be an educational Mum LOL

This is the miniquilt I received from Camille  @sosaysthehermit....and I'd like to think it is very apt, in a humorous way.

The stitching is sublime

And look at these gorgeous extras a lovely handwritten card, fabric pouch,wonder clips and some foreign lollies that the boys ate and didn't spit out so I'd say they were delicious!!

All joking aside it was actually quite hard using and saying profanity to a person you don't know, especially when swaps are usually a nice fabricky hug and not in anyway aggressive or insulting.

But I really enjoyed thinking outside the square and if you're on instagram search the hashtags #bitchesgetstitches and have a look at all the clever and very witty things everyone came up with.

So lets link up with Amanda Jean for a finish and M-R Charbonneau from Quilt Matters for TGIFF

Monday, February 9, 2015

A Teeny Swap - Mug Rugs

To be honest I didn't really get the function of a mug rug when I first heard about them a few years back.

Isn't it just a weird shaped coaster???

 Clearly I was and still can be an idiot, they are oversized awesomeness!

They fit a drink and snacks and are very, very sexy coasters, who rightly so, look down on the sad and very small, plain, one function only,coaster!

The gorgeous and dynamic Ang from Gnome Angel set up another quick swap through Swapbot just before Xmas, and this is my contribution.

Mug Rug pattern is from Lethargic Lass, aka my hilarious friend Katy...go visit she is gold!

The dumpling pouch pattern is from here and was surprisingly easy to do and a pouch that I think you'll get better at the more you do.

Of course no swap is complete without some little extras and as the theme was Xmas and at the appropriate time...easy peasy

I wanted to keep this little glass Snowman but they always seem a little out of place in a Southern Hemisphere Xmas when we're usually sweltering in either humidity or blazing sunshine LOL

This is the gorgeous Mug Rug I received from Karen.

The Chopin reference comes from the fact that I often listen to music while sewing down in the garage/basement and quite often mixed in with my Fleetwood Mac,Ed Sheeran,Bob Marley and Eagles is classical music.I also like some old Nat King Cole and Ella Fitzgerald.
My music taste is eclectic....bit like me!

I love the Kaffe piecing and Karen also included these two fat quarters of fabrics I did not have!??

Love them...and a quick shot of the musically themed back, so cute!

Swaps are so fun...especially teeny weeny ones!
Linking up with my girls Alyce and Meg/Heather

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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Sunday Stash #22 - Getting My Groove On

Oh Yes I Am!...getting my sorted and tidying groove on, and it feels sooo good.

I'm pretty sure that I did nothing last year but move one pile of crap to another pile of crap, and I'm done with it!!

I am systematically working my way through my house and sorting, tidying, organising and selling and also giving away clothes, furniture and any other accumulated junk...there's alot.

The last place to get attacked will of course be my sewing space.....I might neeed to take a few days off, but in the meantime lets look at fabric.

Low Tide by Jane Dixon for Andover...I've been thinking about a beachy themed quilt for a seaside friend and these seaglass colours appealed...the seagulls kinda freak me out tho?

Now before you think I've gone completely crackers with the choice above, I do have a plan.I would like to finish some quilts this year and I've always had a thing for French General.
So the additions above are
Rue Indienne with 2 yards of Iron as the background to compliment the charm pack and few pieces I already had.

These are some Moxi blenders that appealed

 And Airmail by the Comstocks for looks like Fabric Shack has sold out of the Grey background clouds and hearts, but I've found it here ......should your heart so desire LOL

 Last but by no means least, some B&W basics.
In the background The Chalk Line Panel and in front Ampersand Commas and also from The Chalk Line, black and white Type

 Not too over the top this week...for me!
 I'm waiting for my partner to receive my package for the #bitchesgetstitches swap then I can blog about the profanity parcel I sent her...sooo much fun.

Linking up with Molli who is completely saturated in colour LOVE IT!!
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