Saturday, February 7, 2015

Sunday Stash #22 - Getting My Groove On

Oh Yes I Am!...getting my sorted and tidying groove on, and it feels sooo good.

I'm pretty sure that I did nothing last year but move one pile of crap to another pile of crap, and I'm done with it!!

I am systematically working my way through my house and sorting, tidying, organising and selling and also giving away clothes, furniture and any other accumulated junk...there's alot.

The last place to get attacked will of course be my sewing space.....I might neeed to take a few days off, but in the meantime lets look at fabric.

Low Tide by Jane Dixon for Andover...I've been thinking about a beachy themed quilt for a seaside friend and these seaglass colours appealed...the seagulls kinda freak me out tho?

Now before you think I've gone completely crackers with the choice above, I do have a plan.I would like to finish some quilts this year and I've always had a thing for French General.
So the additions above are
Rue Indienne with 2 yards of Iron as the background to compliment the charm pack and few pieces I already had.

These are some Moxi blenders that appealed

 And Airmail by the Comstocks for looks like Fabric Shack has sold out of the Grey background clouds and hearts, but I've found it here ......should your heart so desire LOL

 Last but by no means least, some B&W basics.
In the background The Chalk Line Panel and in front Ampersand Commas and also from The Chalk Line, black and white Type

 Not too over the top this week...for me!
 I'm waiting for my partner to receive my package for the #bitchesgetstitches swap then I can blog about the profanity parcel I sent her...sooo much fun.

Linking up with Molli who is completely saturated in colour LOVE IT!!
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  1. Those airmail prints are lush and the moxi blenders delicious, well done on the tidying, sorting etc, I could do with doing the same, in fact my sewing room is the only place that doesn't need doing!

  2. I have the same awkward feeling about those seagulls....maybe they remind me of that Hitchcock movie? Love French General, it's so formal and rich, so Not Me, but I still want some!

  3. The airmail prints are so fun! When I see LV and B&W prints it reminds me that I have a woefully small stash and it is hard to resist a large purchase to fill that gap. :)

  4. I think French General is so classic, the colours rich and traditional, their quilts always look so snuggly because of the colours.

  5. I didn't picture you as a French General kind of girl. I'll be very interested to see what you do with it. I somehow don't imagine it will be a traditional French General type of quilt, but then again....

  6. I love Airmail - I've almost bought it several times myself! Great pick up!

  7. Well done! I'm ignoring the clutter for the moment... love the airmail fabric and seagulls... eek. So many of them where I live

  8. Everything pictured could happily follow me home and I would love it and pet it and look after it.
    The seagulls will look lovely, but don't eat chips as you sew or they could get vicious. :)

  9. Just bought some Moxi blenders too! Such great additions to your stash :)


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