Saturday, January 31, 2015

Sunday Stash #21 - Sweaty and Icky

I feel like I'm giving you guys a weekly report on my body's temperature status....but it's now raining and it's still now I'm sweaty and icky!

I much prefer to sew in the Winter months I've concluded ,but it's my own damn fault I put so much on my plate this month.

But yay for me I sent the last item out yesterday which was the very last day of January, mission accomplished!!

Let's do fabric!! Half yard cuts this week all from Hawthorne Threads

When I was working on Jo's border for Possum Magic I used alot of AMH fabrics for their gorgeous saturation, subsequently I fell madly in love and had to stash some of my faves.
Medallion in Emerald and Aquamarine 

top to bottom is Haystack Bouquet in Navy, Moss and Country and Crescent Bloom in Ruby

 I also gave into the Cotton & Steel but I was very restrained...only because some prints were sold out which made me want them more!!
top to bottom Hot Cross Buns, Viewfinders in Navy and Natural, more divine XOXO Plummy Silver and a solid which I think is this one

Then just to round out the parcel some basics that you can never have too much of, red ,white and black.
L to R Ditsy Dot, Ann Kelle Plus and Crisscross,Metro Living 2 Diamonds in Snow and Rings in Iron

My favourite Joel Dewberry print in two new colours Carrot and Poppy

Last but certainly not least Confetti Dots, Paint and Harmony

Phew you made it! And it's the 1st of February??!! How did that happen? Personally I'll be glad when the boys go back to college this week and I can get some order and routine going....please read "more organised sewing time for me!" LOL

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  1. Love, love, love all that colour. I want to come and play at your house. Maybe one day I'll just be 'passing though' BOP and I'll stop by for a coffee and a tour of your warehouse - sorry, sewing room.

  2. Such a brilliant lot of new fabrics, love those saturated colours, have a great time sewing this week!

  3. Love all your new additions. Just caved into cotton + steel too. It felt so good to be bad!

  4. totally crushing on the Joel Dewberrys!

  5. I love the Joel Dewberry colours. AMH and C&S are not usually my cup of tea - too overwhelming for little me! I love some of their ranges, especially basic blenders like you chose.


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