Monday, January 19, 2015

Schnitzel and Boom Mini Quilt Swap - Boom Done!

So here is the first of a few sewing posts that I have been promising you all!

The Schnitzel and Boom mini quilt swap is run via Instagram by the lovely Kristi of

I believe this was Round #3 and this time there were over 950 participants!? But it was the hashtag of  #makeaquiltmakeafriend that really appealed to me.

Would you believe I pulled another Rebecca as my partner??
 This was my second fabric round up as the first lot didn't get quite the response I wanted and in hindsight this was definitely the more "slap your eyeballs" effect I was going for!

The pattern is from Sarah over at  

If you haven't already been there get your ass moving....great site,clever lady and  beeeeauuutifuuul patterns!

You'll see from the fabric pile that I changed it a bit....I would like to say this was a carefully thought out design stategy.....but nah....just a screw up. This then made me change the last green to the Flea Market green....which then

resulted in a Key Fob with the screw up......mwahahaha!

And I made a thread catcher to test out the pattern for my #bitchesgetstitchesswap.

My partner, Rebecca, @2bees  received it today and by all accounts is happy with what she received, so mission accomplished!

Like I said here, I'm addicted to swaps and so far am having a fab time! I'm not getting too stressed about what my partner is expecting,as long as I feel that I've put my best attempt in the post I'm happy.

I am so thrilled when someone takes the time to make me something with their own two hands and with their very precious fabric and free time, that I assume they feel the same?!

So far so good.....I'll say it til you tell me to shut up...quilty peeps are the best!!!

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  1. The star looks stunning! And I like the way you used the stuff-up pieces - they look great too, well done! Enjoy your swaps!

  2. Small World! Rebecca was in a bee with Serena and I last year!

    That is an awesome pattern and I love your little fussy cut froggy!

  3. Beautiful star! So bright and happy! Adorable little thread catcher too!

  4. It's sooo... pretty! I love it! Lucky swap partner....

  5. I love it. Especially that strong green fabric near the centre, and the bright pink out near the edge. Love love love. What a lucky person the other Rebecca is.

  6. Beautiful bright colours and an awesome pattern.

  7. I always love the combo of pink and green together. Great mini quilt, Rebecca.

  8. Swaps are the best aren't they?! It's great to receive something handmade, especially something as awesome as what you sent! Love it :)

  9. Love this and the thread catcher. Rebecca is a lucky one.

  10. This is so pretty! Lucky partner for sure

  11. Rebecca, love your little mini! So bold and I love the quilting, really works well!

  12. LOVE the little frog in the center of that sweet block. Too cute.


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