Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Dining Table Has Been Cleared - Another Top Sewn Together


Firstly a disclaimer, I normally edit all pics before uploading to the blog but flash computer is having a brain fart and I don't know how to edit on this laptop so I'm just running with what I have.......the quilt holder will be mortified, but I'm pretty sure I can bet the house he wouldn't be caught dead reading my blog.....

As you can see from the sky a beautiful day but still windy so it took a few goes to get a semi decent picture....can you feel the agony that he's going through.....mwahaha...teenagers are so tortured sometimes ;)

Hahaha just for my amusement....my quilt has feet!
 Aaaah that's better
I am really in love with this quilt and I'm not sure exactly why? It just makes me smile
Couple more then we're done
It's off to the longarmer as I wanted to put a white Chenille bedspread on the back and Lady Muck probably would pack a spaz if I forced such un ladylike bulk under her.
I did say white...but...I let the boys choose the backing since they said the quilt  was "cool", high praise from the grunters, and therefore deserved a bright coloured backing.....it's bright, trust me...I'll show you when it comes back......

Monday, April 21, 2014

Oui Oui Monsieur - We have Boy Quilts

It's official I have some boy quilts at the ready...well quilt tops...but that's halfway to potential gifts.

This was the only boyish quilt I had, which my brother claimed when home from Korea for his first baby ( a boy) due any day now!

The pattern is from Camille Roskelley's book Sew Retro and the fabric is Sweetwaters Reunion line

Following on from this post where I showed you the craziness which is my creative side...I have another finished top that is more male gender orientated.

Do you get on a buzz and can't stop thinking about it or making it until it's purged from your system?
For me it's cross/plus blocks at the moment and I have no idea what has sparked this new obsession

 This is my favourite print in this arrangement Scribble Cars in Taupe.
Quilty facts are 3" finished squares in a plus arrangement with Sand coloured background.
The finished quilt size is 48" x 60"
I'm calling this one The Hug Quilt...since I just made a Kisses Quilt
Quilty stats 40" x 53"...12" finished blocks with 1" finished sashing

Here's some outside shots...it's stopped raining! of the Hug Quilt..not flat mind you because it's a little windy and my quilt holders (moaning teenagers) are away

I tried lying it down on the grass but still not great...the colours are clearer tho

I love this print also and it would make a great matching pillowcase!...but I've cut all mine up!
Now for quilting ideas......???
The line is Le Monsieurs by Tamara Kate for Michael Miller and also comes in the Convertible (blue & green) and Roadster ( red,blue & green) palette.
Sew Cute Tuesday
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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Sunday Stash #6

I thought I had better start numbering these posts so I can keep a better check on my rate of purchasing....haha who am I kidding? like I'm going to keep myself in check!
On to the fabric
Modern Folkloric in Curry and Snow...really digging the curry and grey vibe at the mo

Mormor by Lotta Jansdotter...just 3 prints...feeling restrained I am!!
 I really enjoyed doing this low volume cross block for Stash Bee and am thinking I would like a quilt of my own in a similar colour palette so I'm trying to boost my low volume prints.

This pic is just for reference but isn't the greatest...still raining!! the Mormor print is more a buttery yellow than the deep curry yellow...probably why it's called Buttercup duh
Colour Me Happy with an April Showers print on the top...raindrops..love me some raindrops
 Pink Flowers and Orange Flowers, I've provided the links as Fabric Shack doesn't provide the actual fabric name outside of the collection name...aren't the irons on the selvedge cute?!

The top fabric is from Vintage Scrapbook by Michele d'Armore and I'm debating on whether to get some telephones or not...will I use them?...Does it matter?
The next two are Collage by Carrie Bloomston in candy green and dark canary
And these are an absolute must Linen Mochi Dot...I love everything about them, the weight is similar to an Echino fabric, the colour saturation is fantastic, and they're dots! What more can I say?
I little pricier because of the linen factor (70% cotton 30% Linen) but well worth it I think.
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Good Friday - No Work Yay

Hiya...just popping in very quickly cause it's late and I'm tired, but I have been doing some stuff!

Well I cut into it to fill the void that is my "boy pile of baby quilts"

It's a Donut or Hug block whichever takes your fancy?

Sorry for the awful night pics but it's been raining and raining and raining and just for fun a bit of lightening thrown in for about 3 days now...enough already my washing is disintegrating on the line LOL
Pieced and ready for quilting....12 1/2" blocks unfinished and 1 1/2" sashing of Le Crème Basics
And just to prove I'm bat shit crazy in case you were wondering I have cut up the rest of the fat quarters and laid out a plus quilt!!!......Yes that is my dining room table once again covered in fabric
Judge away ....I'm good with it...and because it's appropriate lets link up with Fabric Frenzy Friday and TGIFF because I'm always thankful when I reach Friday in one piece!
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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday Stash - Because I Can

Hi my lovely peeps! I have been doing a little sewing this week but nothing really that I'm ready to share, so lets look at scrummy fabric instead...make a cuppa and get ya credit card handy cause ya gonna wanna buy some!
This is the part of the stack sitting next to my computer and quite randomly on this quote from Owen's Olivia
Not necessarily pertaining to fabric purchases haha...but still very relevant
First up Fox Field by the dynamic Tula Pink

It is sooooo gorgeous and the detail in this print is Tula at her best

I only got the Sunrise palette in fat quarters but loved the Hoppy Dot so bought a half yard of each in Shade and Dusk

This bundle is Les Monsieurs Fat Quarter Bundle in Coupe and I bought it simply because I never seem to have any baby boy quilts on hand to gift...I think it's because of little OneWeeBird, and after 3 boys I am still gaga colour wise over having a little girl to make stuff for.
Also the funky little men with moustaches made it boyish without being babyish?
These next fabrics are all part of one bundle Meadow by Beth Studley for Andover

they were a little out of my normal purchasing style

but it's fun to mix it up and get out of your usual must have colours and prints
 And sometimes you find a new MUST HAVE MORE fabric which for me is these

This weeks fabric feast was brought to you by Hawthorne Threads who are so accommodating when it comes to helping me spend my money!
Linking up to the lovely Molli Sparkles who is probably sewing faster than I'm spending xx
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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Crazy Geese - Every Which Way

Do you sometimes start out with a quilty plan in your head and then your quilt plans itself?
These were the schnizzles from the corners of my geese, I used Washi by Rashida Coleman Hale for Timeless Treasures, I love this line and I think you can still purchase some on etsy try here

And the geese turned into these...3 1/2" x 6 1/2" geese unfinished....in my head they were all in line flying straight and true in their lovely colour groups of 2, 4 or 8...but it wasn't right when I laid them out...they were not happy

These geese were what I was sewing when Mr OWB passed away and to be honest I've struggled with them for 4 months...but I wanted to sew them together and for them to be a quilt not just because I like the fabric...but they didn't want to fly straight... they wanted to twist and turn and change direction...but still show me that they could be pretty together...but more true to how life is for us at the moment
Too deep in the thinking for a quilt?...I quite like how they look but I'm wondering if they would look even more symbolic floating off centre in a background of Kona Snow?
A small bit of organised chaos in the big quilt of life.....LOL
Geese must be in the wind at the moment ...go and have a look at this gorgeous WIP over at Blue Elephant Stitches...GORGEOUS and Amy has a great tutorial for geese out of charm squares
Linking up with Alyce for Sew Cute Tuesday..read her post on scraping!