Monday, April 21, 2014

Oui Oui Monsieur - We have Boy Quilts

It's official I have some boy quilts at the ready...well quilt tops...but that's halfway to potential gifts.

This was the only boyish quilt I had, which my brother claimed when home from Korea for his first baby ( a boy) due any day now!

The pattern is from Camille Roskelley's book Sew Retro and the fabric is Sweetwaters Reunion line

Following on from this post where I showed you the craziness which is my creative side...I have another finished top that is more male gender orientated.

Do you get on a buzz and can't stop thinking about it or making it until it's purged from your system?
For me it's cross/plus blocks at the moment and I have no idea what has sparked this new obsession

 This is my favourite print in this arrangement Scribble Cars in Taupe.
Quilty facts are 3" finished squares in a plus arrangement with Sand coloured background.
The finished quilt size is 48" x 60"
I'm calling this one The Hug Quilt...since I just made a Kisses Quilt
Quilty stats 40" x 53"...12" finished blocks with 1" finished sashing

Here's some outside's stopped raining! of the Hug Quilt..not flat mind you because it's a little windy and my quilt holders (moaning teenagers) are away

I tried lying it down on the grass but still not great...the colours are clearer tho

I love this print also and it would make a great matching pillowcase!...but I've cut all mine up!
Now for quilting ideas......???
The line is Le Monsieurs by Tamara Kate for Michael Miller and also comes in the Convertible (blue & green) and Roadster ( red,blue & green) palette.
Sew Cute Tuesday
Fresh Poppy Design


  1. Awesome quilts! I know what you mean about getting stuck on a 'thing' - I was into bags in a big way for a while; am now just happy to get any projects underway or finished - am loving our (NZ) school holidays at the moment - two bags finished and a quilt top about to be quilted! That's progress for me!

    1. I love your bags!...I'm too scared to try making one in case I have to go to crafters anonymous...I can barely cope with the addictions I have.Holidays are a welcome break for me too,even though I work full time it means I have 2 teenage boys at home I can give jobs to...awesome!

  2. I know what you mean about that buzz about working on a certain project. It's probably why we all have so many WIPs :) Love the plus quilt. I've yet to make one those. It's on my list, of course. :)

    1. Of course it the lists ever end?? I wish people would stop being so crafty clever and then I wouldn't covet soooooo many quilts out there in cyberland!!

  3. The cross one is my pick from this bunch, you've obviously been very busy!

    1. It's funny how the one fabric line can look so different based on block and background choice...the cross is my favourite too...can't wait to see how you go on your snazzy new quilting setup :)

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