Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Baby Quilt - A Fluffy One for Baby Blossom

I've been cleaning out my Sewing Room, aka my space in the garage LOL and I've been mortified at some of the WIP's I've found!

Some I've given away to the local guild along with  fabric that quite simply just doesn't do it for me anymore.

Others I've put back into the WIP pile and changed the direction on so I WILL be motivated to finish them!

This was one of them.

 I vaguely recall whipping this up for Little OWB as a snuggly winter time quilt/blankey.....but seriously how many quilts does that child need?

I must've been having fabric buying guilt also as I'd put a border on that was just wrong, wrong, wrong......hence the reason I suspect it never got finished

I had a couple of yards of this Michael Miller Harlequin Flannel lying around and it had such a delicious scrummy fuzz to it that I knew it would work so I whipped off the fugly one and resewed the top with this fabric instead.

 I'd also put some Chenille squares in for tactile interest

 I cannot tell you how scrumptious this quilt is once washed and fluffed in the dryer, even I just wanted to wrap myself up in it.....I've added a flannel quilt to my WIP list for next Winter

There was a teeny hole in the backing hence the odd positioning of my label!

Machine binding again as I've sent this off to Baby Blossom aka Laura who's the newest addition to the Blossom Quilt family ( one of my Possum Magic Peep's)

It was quilted all over with Dragonflies.....so cute, once again by Sandra of Wise Owl Quilting.

It was a VERY pink girly quilt so I hope it won't be too puke inducing for Mumma who is way more softly classic in her nursery colour choices!

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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Sunday Stash #25 - Sorry If I'm All Up In Your Grill

I know I know I'm like toothache....nothing for weeks and then a pounding in your face and head that you can't get away from!

I have multiple photos I need to release from my phone and to be fair I've had this fabric for weeks I just haven't had a chance to show you.

So step back from the screen cause here it comes

I didn't buy the whole line...I rarely do, but this pic is already missing this print as I've used it twice already and am waiting on more. Some are simply more versatile than others but together they look stunning.

These two are from the Passport collection by Moda, the top fabric is London and the bottom Tokyo
I thought these would bring a bit of variety to my low volume and B&W stash.
The next two were a bit of a gamble but I was pleasantly surprised, particularly with the bottom fabric.They are two from a line called Tiki Tok by Jenn Ski for Moda.There are 8 in the collection but I only bought the Stars in Ecru and the Fish Ecru Charcoal.A very Scandi feeling line along the lines of Lotta Jansdotter and her colours.
These were a few fillers that I just loved and wanted to have in the stash, top to bottom we have
Hello Bear, from Maker by AGF Make the Cut in Sharp and Make and Pin in Natural and from Sweetwater's Feed Company line the Sprout print in Black and the Feedsack print in Blue.

These prints are all from Bonnie & Camille's Daysail line a little Teal and some navy Script with a little Aqua to round it out.....I'm doing odd links as Fabric Shack's Store is temporarily down...sorry!

I don't think Zen Chic's Modern Background Paper range needs any introduction whatsoever! LOOOOOVVVEE IT!
In one of my previous lives I did 3 years of an Organic Chemistry degree so I geeked out a little over the hydrocarbon diagrams below and the Maths diagrams...but not as much LOL

I actually bought 2 yards of the cream pindot on the Ecru background as sometimes I get a little over my go to white backgrounds.

I know I've said time and again that I have more than enough cutesy girly prints but it's Mermaids and Narwhales!!...they clearly don't count I had to have some!

Say hello to Saltwater by Natalie Lymer for Riley Blake

OK take a breath you made it to the end..... that will be all Donkey.

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Farmers Wife 1930s QAL - Week #2 Going Strong

So week two in the FWQAL has rolled around and guess what......I've done this weeks blocks as well.
I'll keep it short and sweet so I don't bore you
First up is Betty

I really enjoyed Betty she was right up my alley with all the HST......boy that sounded weird/rude?!!
This is also where I've deviated completely from the colour plan....Yellow and Mustard? 70's flashback anyone??
And completely concentrated on the contrast in colour value....I think pink and black makes for a saucy wench!
And no paper piecing for this one either.

Next up is Caroline.....anyone else singin "Sweet Caroline....good times never seemed so good...."
Neil Diamond is a legend....don't you judge me LOLOLOL
Now for Caroline I cut all the paper piecing quadrants out then realised that this method was going to make a relatively simple block more complicated than necessary
So I pieced the two QST and pinwheel blocks as per usual....my QST units are a little organic??? in the centre but it's not irritating my OCD tick.....just yet.
I've rotated the block in this photo as I prefer it this way.
My tip?....starch the beejeezus out of the pinwheels and iron your seams open to get them laying flat as a pancake...they are teeny!!
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Friday, October 9, 2015

Dessert Hues - Low Volume Flying Geese

The finish I have to show you today is another top from the archives!

According to this post here we are talking circa July 2014....but it is now a finished quilt so lets all step back and " Let It Goooooo, Let It Goooooo".....Frozen is forever occupying valuable brain space!!!

Anywhhoooo it isn't my Pattern design it is one of Anne's masterpieces from her blog

 The Palette Builder will definitely allow you to lose a few hours just playing around....you were warned!

This is Dessert Hues

As you can see from the hint of sky it was a very grey day and even with photo editing difficult to get the colour saturation right

 In person it is an extremely crisp quilt colourwise

The grey is a shot cotton and the Kona colours from top to bottom are Lagoon, Glacier, Raisin,Pomegranate,Tangerine and Papaya

I did send this out to be quilted, purely because I wanted to put another Vintage Chenille backing on it and Lady Muck just will not sully herself with such things......also I didn't want to get cross with her and end up throwing the quilt across the room.....not that I do that....not often anyway

My lovely longarmer Sandra quilted each of the coloured geese in matching thread to make them pop and vertically every 1 1/2" in white thread.

For those who like stats the finished size is 60" x 72" and the Geese Blocks are 3" x 6"
Aaaand since it is a very white quilt and more than likely to need a lot of washing with a white  binding to boot!!.....  machine stitching the binding down was the only sensible option!

Piece of cake for white on white, even though the backing looks creamy?

I've long admired Anne's designed and I'm thrilled that she allowed me to draught a pattern so I could have one for myself....Quilty peeps are the best!

And that folks is another Finish! Yay!!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Baby Quilts - Proof I Haven't Been Twiddling My Thumbs

Hi Again!

I've got a few finishes to show you guys this week but I thought I would start with two of the oldest!!

This Fabric is mostly from Art Gallery Fabrics Nouvelle range and according to the dates on my blogroll it was purchased in July 2014 and made into a top  in October 2014......nuff said!

 It's been quilted with another Chenille (candlewick bedspread ) in cream as a backing.
It was tricky to photograph but it has a gorgeous all over swirling flower and vine Panto, perfect for a wee baby girl quilt.

The binding was the left over scraps and I hand stitched it down.

The next finish is from this post here.

I'm not repeating the title as for some reason ( that I really don't want to think about ) this particular post has had over 12,000 hits and I suspect in the sometimes grubby world we live in it has something to do with the French title and the word "boy" sharing the same sentence? 

You all know I've a slight obsession with plus quilts and this was just a made up pattern with Kona Snow as the fill in background.

This was also backed in Vintage Chenille and quilted all over in a geometric type box panto.......all my own English Grammer folks LOL

Purely because of time constraints and to save my hands I've started machine stitching the binding down.

This one was to the front but usually I choose to stitch in the ditch on the front and have the thread show on the back binding.

Both have gone to the same family, a Three year old boy and a brand new wee girl.

Mum sent me a photo of the 3 yo asking to be wrapped up in his quilt....which of course is exactly what they are for.

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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Farmer's Wife 1930's Sampler Quilt - What A Mouthful That Is!

So Angie of Gnome Angel fame is one of my gorgeous online Quilty Peeps, and I've been following her long before I even considered a blog!

 I can't remember how I stumbled across her blog but when she was trying for her wee man I was also trying for Little OWB ( now a threenager!!! ) so could relate to the anticipation of adding to our family and sometimes the frustration of being patient!

I loved her straight shooting down to earth approach to life and still do.

 Well she is hosting the Sew A Long for the above....I can't be bothered typing that mouthful again!

I initially just watched from the sidelines but then decided this might be the perfect opportunity to practice my new found philosophy of mindfulness.....smirk...apparently I am suffering from busy woman's syndrome and need to slow down...relax...take time to just be...and this includes my manic approach to sewing LOL

Also it's a chance to sew some more traditional blocks on a small scale and use some of my favourite stashed fabrics.

New Bedford in Sun by Denyse Schmidt

and also in Sea

Plus some FMF along with the coordinating solids that came with the Mimosa bundle from Westwood Acres.

Aaaaaand a few Vintage Katie Jump Rope scraps I have lying around just to round it all out.

They all play nicely together so I'll be interested to see if they translate well into these little 6 1/2" blocks.

So first up we have Becky.....cute name...and I don't think anyone who has met me has ever thought to shorten my name to this haha I'm definitely a Becs as opposed to a sweet Becky

I'm roughly sticking to the colour guide in the book with the odd substitute...not sure how I feel about Becky yet...a bit sickly?

However I love Bonnie, and after seeing some other Bonnie blocks I'm a bit gutted I don't have any fabrics that are perfect for fussing cutting

I've actually printed out all the FW blocks as I intend to paper piece the majority of them.
But out of the three this week Aunt was the only one that I used paper piecing for and only for the Square in Square centre.

In the spirit of commitment and organisation and so I enjoy the process?? I've stored all my blocks in clear sleeves within a ring binder.....let's see how long the order lasts...see below

No more neatly folded fat quarters!!!

This link here will take you to the Tutorials available through Angie if you'd like a taste without purchasing the book.

In all seriousness it took longer to choose the fabric than it did to sew ALL 3 blocks!
See you again soon lovelies x