Friday, October 2, 2015

Sew My Stash Mini Quilt - Any Idea Where 6 Weeks Went?

That was the last time I was here?
Where did the last 6 weeks go??
Hi My Lovelies it's nice to see you, grab a cuppa and we'll catch up!'s a vortex into which I slip on a daily basis, I love staying connected to the sewing community through the little photo snippets of projects.

Which leads me to the first of my two restrained...due before Christmas.

It Started With A Kiss....mmm Hot Chocolate....don't be daft it started with a sketch after surfing the net and typing in Tri Rec

Once I was happy with the design I did the Maths and worked out a colour scheme.....then I paused....24" square ( the maximum allowed for a mini ) means each square is 1 1/2" I really want to do this?

Choose some fabric and try one out......

Which leads to another....and yes I'm making it....with the assistance of middle child who is ever so patiently trying to teach me photoshop for the purposes of paper piecing....bless him!

I did find that I needed the coloured pattern to keep everything straight in my head but it went together slowly but seamlessly....which is unusual for me!

After it was finished I wished I'd changed the colour gradients a little more but I'm trying to enjoy the creative process and not to be my own worst critique. I do this for the simple pleasure it brings me and there is always the next quilt to practice on.

Tha'ts not to say the seam allowances on the half Tri Rec units were more than a little challenging at 1 1/2'' x 2 1/2" despite being paper pieced!!!

 But I'm really happy with the end result and learnt a lot of new skills whilst making it

The reason I find these minis so appealing is the ability to try something challenging or new that would be overwhelming or far too time consuming on a large this instance I'm not convinced however.

At a guesstimate from conception to finished quilt I've probably spent a good 40 hours on this...that's at least 2-3 easy baby quilts in my world LOLOLOL

This was a Sew My Stash Swap so all materials were to be on hand from your stash, no special fabric purchases were to be made.

In the spirit of this and because I ran out of time!! I've applied the same principal to the extras, not ever required but just a lovely after thought....these including some fabric ( Of Course!! ) and chocolate, haha, were ALL in my sewing stash???

I will be seeing you again my friends as I've finished quite a few quilts in the last 6 weeks and I'd love to share xx


  1. WOW! I love your design and think it would look awesome as a big quilt too!

  2. It looks fantastic - so worth the effort! Well done! You have way more patience than me.

  3. 1 1/2'' x 2 1/2"!?! Really, that's true dedication or insanity--not sure which--but the end result is fantastic! Your design is really interesting and challenging. I'm a seasoned quilter with a penchant for working out blocks in my head while I look at a quilt...believe me this one takes work. I consider it a challenging design. And here you are using up 1 1/2'' x 2 1/2" pieces to make a mini! Wow! Just wow!

  4. Well done Rebecca. You don't do things by halves, do you? I'm sure your swap partner will be delighted to receive this. I certainly would be. You're a legend.

  5. It is absolutely amazing and worth all the time you spent.
    Middle child should consider Illustrator. I find it far better than Photoshop for paper piecing patterns. It is all in the difference between vectors and pixels. (Your eyes can glaze over at this point.)


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