Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Baby Quilt - A Fluffy One for Baby Blossom

I've been cleaning out my Sewing Room, aka my space in the garage LOL and I've been mortified at some of the WIP's I've found!

Some I've given away to the local guild along with  fabric that quite simply just doesn't do it for me anymore.

Others I've put back into the WIP pile and changed the direction on so I WILL be motivated to finish them!

This was one of them.

 I vaguely recall whipping this up for Little OWB as a snuggly winter time quilt/blankey.....but seriously how many quilts does that child need?

I must've been having fabric buying guilt also as I'd put a border on that was just wrong, wrong, wrong......hence the reason I suspect it never got finished

I had a couple of yards of this Michael Miller Harlequin Flannel lying around and it had such a delicious scrummy fuzz to it that I knew it would work so I whipped off the fugly one and resewed the top with this fabric instead.

 I'd also put some Chenille squares in for tactile interest

 I cannot tell you how scrumptious this quilt is once washed and fluffed in the dryer, even I just wanted to wrap myself up in it.....I've added a flannel quilt to my WIP list for next Winter

There was a teeny hole in the backing hence the odd positioning of my label!

Machine binding again as I've sent this off to Baby Blossom aka Laura who's the newest addition to the Blossom Quilt family ( one of my Possum Magic Peep's)

It was quilted all over with Dragonflies.....so cute, once again by Sandra of Wise Owl Quilting.

It was a VERY pink girly quilt so I hope it won't be too puke inducing for Mumma who is way more softly classic in her nursery colour choices!

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  1. I think Laura has already given this beauty her tiny seal of approval.
    You can never have too much pink. Never.
    What is in the possums' water? You, Serena and I are having a WIP spring clean frenzy!

  2. Yup that's a lot of pink ... but i do love it ... especially those fluffy, tactile squares :)


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