Sunday, May 21, 2017

Sunday Stash #32 - How Does That Happen

Seriously?! Where has a week gone to?

I have been head down bum up working, sewing and trying to manage my almost 5 year old....3 weeks until she's off to school??

I'm not sure if school is ready for her but she and her "sassy attitude" are definitely ready LOL

The girl child after 3 boys is certainly a challenge

Anywhoo onto luscious fabric!
I didn't intentionally pick a coordinating fabric bundle while I was shopping but I think these all play really nicely together....maybe another baby quilt LOL

Cotton & Steel Cosy is very cute but in the modern funky way only C& S can do.
These three are in the quilt cotton substrate ( big word ay )
Teddy and the Bears in Light Ballerina and Mint with Dream Owl in Lilac on the bottom.

These two are from the Brushed Twill range, just gorgeous, enough fluff to make them snuggly but not as thick as a flannel....I will be buying more! Dream Owl in Aqua and Pale Nightfall

Now these lovelies are from Amy Sinibaldi's Les Petits range for Art Gallery. 
Top to bottom is Checks in Graphite and Indigo, Dots in Indigo & Baby Blue and Strokes in Indigo & Natural.

Lastly two from Sweetwater's Sunday Supper. Plus design in Teal and American Blue.

So that's a wrap for another Sunday Stash and another week begins xxx 

Friday, May 19, 2017

Stash Bee Finishes - Spiderweb Quilt

Hi Peeps!

I have a finish, well lets say a BOUND and finished, because we all know it's been quilted for quite some time....I know you're not judging LOL

The blog history tells me this quilt is from April 2015 but if you read the post the idea is from 2011!!!

Tutorial is by Elizabeth Hartman and uses an interesting foundation piecing technique where you leave the foundation fabric attached.

Which leads me to the backing change......originally I'd chosen a candlewick bedspread ( my fave ) but with all those seams and the foundation fabric as well some intersections had 12 seams!!
My lovely longarmer tried more than once but it was not worth her sanity in broken needles!!

This vintage sheet fit the bill perfectly ( and smoother ) and Sandra and I remain friends LOL

I love that the girls of Stash Bee 2015 Hive #6 all contributed a piece of their stash to it, otherwise I'm sure it would've sat in the archived WIP pile LOL

Michael Miller stripe for the binding....FYI made my eyes wonky when trying to cut it up...getting old!!

Photo shoot for a cuppa and a read in the sun

Catch ya soon lovelies x
Doing the linky thing with Amanda and Myra

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Sunday Stash #31 - Fits & Starts

So this must be a Start week not a Fit week as I'm here in the bloggyverse for the third time!

Fabric is always arriving regardless of whether I tell you about it or not.......if I don't tell anyone is it actually real, or new for that matter?? LOL

Adrianne from I Love Fabric is one of my fabric crack dealers and she always has the freshest fabric lines, but equally well seems to keep the best or most useful lines in stock.
This is one of my latest bundles from her....what you don't see is the Cheshire Stripe in White that I actually needed for my Making Tracks binding.....the rest just sort of fell in there.

Alison Glass is the master of bold saturated colours and also my great love, low volume. Hers have wonderful detail which keeps you looking despite reading as one light colour.
So above we have Grow in Pansy and Silver...which are both on sale ;)

Then from top to bottom Overgrown in Cactus, Link in Chain, Overgrown in Cloud, Endpaper in Platinum and Auburn and finally my all time Fave Stitched in Paper

Here they all are together so you can see the differences in colour, from the top it's Paper, Cloud Chain, Silver and Platinum.

Text in Black is always handy in the stash so 1 yard is a sensible purchase!

I've been after some of the reprinted Henna prints by Sandi Henderson for a while, for no particular reason other than they're cuuute, so these three filled up the bag.

Bottom is Petite Henna in Petal, then Berry and on the right Blackberry....delicious! And only $7.48/yard on sale!!!

I missed the link up with My Boy for last week so I'll try again this week since I'm all grown up like and on to it!


Pattern Testing Finish - Making Tracks

Hi Lovelies!

I often put my hand up for pattern testing,because you all know how I struggle with instructions and quite clearly need the practice!

So when my long time online friend Angie of Gnome Angel fame put the call out I was there front and centre waving my hand like a spazzo.

If you don't know her you should! Ang hosts all sorts of QAL's which I always start.....and never complete...rolls her eyes

So here it is the behemoth Making Tracks

I've had it finished and quilted for a few weeks but since I'm of the Hobbit variety and have a very reluctant 6 foot teenage helper who's never home, I've struggled to get at least one decent photo!

I had to hang from a backyard tree to get some progress shots for instagram, god knows what the neighbours think I'm doing??

It finishes up at 80" square and I used my newly arrived Wonderland by Cotton & Steel for the Bear Paw blocks and a kona Cotton for the front background which I think is Oyster....note to self, label yardage of solid colours!!

And in the spirit of  NOT hoarding all the fabric...sigh...I tried to use as much of my fat quarter bundle as not ask me what the two kona colours are, no labels yet again!
Lets call them Navy and Hot Pink LOL

I sent it out to be longarmed by my lovely friend Sandra of Wise Owl Quilting

As always I love the choice she made

The metallics in the range are very bright so I'll be interested to see how they fair after the hot wash and dryer spa treatment

The Cup print was my favourite I think followed by the all over Alice print

I really struggled with these two colours but still thought they deserved a Paw each....a little dreary for my taste

The black/cream cheshire stripe was the perfect print for both front and back I think.

We took it to my Mum's for photographing....but she's only 4'11" so clearly she was no help LOLOLOL

Little OWB was chief fluff picker upper

So thats a quilt for Finish It Up Friday, and Myra's Finished or Not Friday...even though it's Saturday here x

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Baby Quilts - So Simple So Easy So Calming

Do you often find that in the crazy haze that is social media you spend more time looking, being inspired, oooohing and aaaahing, saving pics,commenting....which then leads to conversations....than you actually do sewing??

Thats me!! I have such a small window for sewing that I quite literally have to cut myself off from my phone and do what it is I loooove to do which other than fabric shop is simply to sew.

A baby quilt is the best phone break ever!!

They are quick to make, especially when it's custom and the Mumma to be has chosen all the fabrics already from your stash.This is her second custom from me as she chose this cross stitch one for her first wee Bubba

And it gives your over filled work weary brain something to do that is both soothing and creative and gets a weekend...or a day if you have time....soooo jealous if you have that kind of time...sigh

The prints from Sleep Tight and Wee Gallery just wanted to shine on their own so a simple
 4 1/2"square grid was easy peasy

The Pandalicious Tee Pees were just begging to be added

Cotton & Steel have yet to have a dud line.....just my opinion

Unicorns! Every baby must have some sort of Unicorn in their near's mandatory I say

The colours in this quilt were so hard to photograph there was a lot more contrast than I could capture in any of these photos, indoors or out.

A Winter baby must have a flannel backing for extra snuggliness

Bound labelled and ready to go

Rumour has it that the Mumma is ecstatic and I am more relaxed and ready to tackle my sewing to do list more calm and hopefully organised......ok lets not get too crazy...and stick with just more calm LOL

FYI I found this post by Suzy Quilts super helpful on the whole baby size thing.

Normally I wing it and stop when it looks balanced but for this quilt I went with a 36" x 48" finished quilt

Happy Sewing Lovelies xx

Monday, May 1, 2017

Sunday Stash #30 - It's Been A While

 I know it's been over a month! Can you believe it?

But the good news is I'm almost caught up with all my sewing commitments, and don't think for a second that there hasn't been fabric pouring through the door....

The first pile is actually from Xmas when my gorgeous girlfriend, who sadly married an American and moved away, came home for a warm Xmas and was my own personal fabric mule!!
It's from Fabricworm and is a Birch Organics line called Wink.

To be honest it feels quite crisp and almost stiff so I'll be interested to see how it washes once made into a quilt........FYI yes that is a new ironing  board cover made by Moi in AH Heath...thanks for noticing ;)

I don't think these two lines need any introduction and I just LOVE them both and will get MORE MORE lovely Fabric Shack had run out of the Cotton & Steel gingham in Black but I will track some down elsewhere ;)

Above is C&S Checkers Woven Basics and below is their Add It Up line

Aaand this is our new baby.
He is a present for Little OWB for her 5th birthday!!!.....I know right?!... she goes to school in 5 weeks!
He's a designer baby Ragdoll/Birman cross ( rolls her eyes) and so was ready a few weeks earlier....he is being loved to death which fortunately he doesn't seem to mind... thankgoodness.

I do have a few finishes to share so I will TRY to get them here for you to see XXX

Linking up with my Sparkle Boy who's sipping Champers as we speak high in the sky!
And I know it's still Sunday for those peeps in the Northern Hemisphere ;)