Saturday, May 6, 2017

Sunday Stash #31 - Fits & Starts

So this must be a Start week not a Fit week as I'm here in the bloggyverse for the third time!

Fabric is always arriving regardless of whether I tell you about it or not.......if I don't tell anyone is it actually real, or new for that matter?? LOL

Adrianne from I Love Fabric is one of my fabric crack dealers and she always has the freshest fabric lines, but equally well seems to keep the best or most useful lines in stock.
This is one of my latest bundles from her....what you don't see is the Cheshire Stripe in White that I actually needed for my Making Tracks binding.....the rest just sort of fell in there.

Alison Glass is the master of bold saturated colours and also my great love, low volume. Hers have wonderful detail which keeps you looking despite reading as one light colour.
So above we have Grow in Pansy and Silver...which are both on sale ;)

Then from top to bottom Overgrown in Cactus, Link in Chain, Overgrown in Cloud, Endpaper in Platinum and Auburn and finally my all time Fave Stitched in Paper

Here they all are together so you can see the differences in colour, from the top it's Paper, Cloud Chain, Silver and Platinum.

Text in Black is always handy in the stash so 1 yard is a sensible purchase!

I've been after some of the reprinted Henna prints by Sandi Henderson for a while, for no particular reason other than they're cuuute, so these three filled up the bag.

Bottom is Petite Henna in Petal, then Berry and on the right Blackberry....delicious! And only $7.48/yard on sale!!!

I missed the link up with My Boy for last week so I'll try again this week since I'm all grown up like and on to it!



  1. Ooh, what yummy additions! I love that Alison Glass you picked up, and the low volume business? Super fun!

  2. ohh my those are all yummy

  3. I love the way fabric just seems to appear in the house, it happens here too!


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