Monday, May 1, 2017

Sunday Stash #30 - It's Been A While

 I know it's been over a month! Can you believe it?

But the good news is I'm almost caught up with all my sewing commitments, and don't think for a second that there hasn't been fabric pouring through the door....

The first pile is actually from Xmas when my gorgeous girlfriend, who sadly married an American and moved away, came home for a warm Xmas and was my own personal fabric mule!!
It's from Fabricworm and is a Birch Organics line called Wink.

To be honest it feels quite crisp and almost stiff so I'll be interested to see how it washes once made into a quilt........FYI yes that is a new ironing  board cover made by Moi in AH Heath...thanks for noticing ;)

I don't think these two lines need any introduction and I just LOVE them both and will get MORE MORE lovely Fabric Shack had run out of the Cotton & Steel gingham in Black but I will track some down elsewhere ;)

Above is C&S Checkers Woven Basics and below is their Add It Up line

Aaand this is our new baby.
He is a present for Little OWB for her 5th birthday!!!.....I know right?!... she goes to school in 5 weeks!
He's a designer baby Ragdoll/Birman cross ( rolls her eyes) and so was ready a few weeks earlier....he is being loved to death which fortunately he doesn't seem to mind... thankgoodness.

I do have a few finishes to share so I will TRY to get them here for you to see XXX

Linking up with my Sparkle Boy who's sipping Champers as we speak high in the sky!
And I know it's still Sunday for those peeps in the Northern Hemisphere ;)


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  1. The only thing better than new fabric is a puppy or kitten. What a handsome ginger chap he is!


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