Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Trip Around The World - Last Family Baby

Hi Peeps!

Yes I'm still here and sewing and quilting up a storm LOL so I thought I'd better hop to it before the year is out and start updating you on what's been happening before it all gets too overwhelming.

As this title says, we're sadly up to the last family baby....boohoo...despite repeated gentle nudging and outright complaining on my behalf to the younger siblings LOL there will be no more little bubbas around until the grandkids start arriving.

As my eldest is just turning 25 and has no intention of procreating anytime soon he informs me I'm just going to have to be patient and grasp hold of any random baby that crosses my path......yes that sounds creepy but I love me a good baby I right??

Anywhooooo onto this quilt.

This is a fabulous quick and satisfying make that will take you back to the most basic of patchwork, the humble square.

It was a free pattern from the Cotton and Steel website by Kimberly Kight, but it seems to no longer be there which will be due to the designers leaving and taking their intellectual property with them.

You could easily work this out yourself though with a piece of paper and some coloured pencils...go on be creative have a go.

If you follow me on Instagram you would've seen my gorgeous niece sitting on this very quilt...go on scoot over and have a peek, she is delicious!! So her mother is equally lovely and being Korean she has quite the cutesy taste when it comes to fabric etc. Knowing this I used this long hoarded Michael Miller butterfly print and chose the other colours based on this.

With a girly Tasha Noel print as the centre piece. Quick note if you do decide to draught your own pattern, it is made by four equal segments using strip piecing and then a centre strip piece both horizontally and vertically to jin all 4 quadrants it they'll be tips and patterns.

The backing was an American Jane piece of alphabet fabric I've had forever and I surrounded it with a red pin dot.

Sandra from Wise Owl Quilting did an all over pantograph of a Ginko leaf which was just the perfect choice

Incidentally this was the last quilt that I've had sent out to be quilted as some of you know I've purchased my own Gammill Statler longarm machine. And I'll let you know how that's going shortly.

Talk soon Peeps xx

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Simple Zipper Bag Blog Remix - It's been A While

Hi Peeps!

It has definitely been awhile, but I'm still here just been a bit absent in the blogosphere and hanging out over in IG Land.

But I'm here to show you something cute and quick that I made.......we all need to take a break from all the big things sometimes.

Literally a really really simple zipper bag, but so so fun!

I decided to make the smaller of the two options using a Sweetwater Boat House mini charm pack (circa 2014 ! ) and some left over Daisy Chain scraps by Annabel Wrigley.

I made two small pouches while I watched the video after having prepared the pieced and quilted fronts in advance. I also used scrap batting instead of Soft and Stable and they worked out great.

I even got to use some of my teeny labels made specifically for little items like these, I clearly need more practice to get them even....sheesh

From One mini charm pack you'll be able to make both the large AND small zipper pouch, and I'm ready to go with the bigger one.

Fat Quarter Shop are remixing up some of their older blog tutorials and I'm so glad they did otherwise I never would have discovered this nifty tutorial.

 This would make a fabulous go to gift for teachers or to hold a smaller present with a handmade touch...I'm thinking of doing some Xmas ones with yummy treats inside :)

 Nice to see you again.
Talk soon Peeps xx