Thursday, October 31, 2013

I Made Clothes

So I have purchased and downloaded a couple of kiddies pattern to make some clothes for Miss C, specifically "The Geranium Dress" from Made by Rae, I even cut the pattern out and purchased, of course, 4 different voiles to make she now the proud owner of 4 different dresses you ask?...not yet...
Picture sourced from
I have also purchased this pattern from Wink Designs, the Butterfly Breeze Dress and Top at
Butterfly Breeze Peasant Dress & Top INSTANT DOWNLOAD PDF Sewing Pattern for Toddlers and Girls: Sizes 1-8
Does Miss C have a new top using this pattern?   Oh yes she does!

I am not exaggerating  when I say it was easy as....I was very slow as I wanted to make sure I followed the instructions implicitly (something I rarely do) and didn't disappoint myself by missing something out in the steps that resulted in a mistake further along
.....really for a beginner this pattern is perfect.Miss C is tall so the only thing I should've done was try it on before hemming as I would have adjusted the hem slightly, and although she is 16mnths I used the 2-3 yr size to be safe.
Sorry for the crap iPhone pics I was chasing her around......also please note the fancy schmancy stitch on the sleeves courtesy of LM ( Lady Muck )

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Oooops How Do I Fix This?

So while I was getting all the quilts out to start taking updated and halfway decent (cough) photos of them for Flickr...I found THIS!!!

Holy balls Batman...that is NOT what I said at the time...but for fricks sake it's on a Sarah Fielke inspired quilt too!!!

Disclaimer: I may or may not have a crush on all things SF and may or may not sometimes obsess over her brilliance

It should be like this...smooth,clean and tucked under and tightly topstitched.....from memory I don't have a huge seam allowance on the circles for wiggle room either...

For the moment I'm denial and pretending it's not there and have folded her gently back up til I feel calm enough to sort a solution. Irrational?? I say not , it's like leaving the bathroom with your skirt tucked into your pantyhose....a girl should never have her stuffing showing

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Look Who's Moved In...

So look who's moved in to the OWB house....

Isn't she snazzy!! She did come with this.....

which I am slowly reading, sometimes in advance but mostly as I go along ,I'm very impatient and just want to play but am also scared I'll blow it and the techno gadgets are generally not great friends! I'm loving this part of her,oh how I've dreamed of an up/down, start/stop needle function!!

But now I have a very sad wee girl who has been a great friend sitting downstairs in the sewing room unthreaded and uncovered.....

 While Lady Muck lords it over everyone upstairs......on the kitchen table no less....she's a shameless hussy she has me around her finger with the things she can do!