Thursday, October 31, 2013

I Made Clothes

So I have purchased and downloaded a couple of kiddies pattern to make some clothes for Miss C, specifically "The Geranium Dress" from Made by Rae, I even cut the pattern out and purchased, of course, 4 different voiles to make she now the proud owner of 4 different dresses you ask?...not yet...
Picture sourced from
I have also purchased this pattern from Wink Designs, the Butterfly Breeze Dress and Top at
Butterfly Breeze Peasant Dress & Top INSTANT DOWNLOAD PDF Sewing Pattern for Toddlers and Girls: Sizes 1-8
Does Miss C have a new top using this pattern?   Oh yes she does!

I am not exaggerating  when I say it was easy as....I was very slow as I wanted to make sure I followed the instructions implicitly (something I rarely do) and didn't disappoint myself by missing something out in the steps that resulted in a mistake further along
.....really for a beginner this pattern is perfect.Miss C is tall so the only thing I should've done was try it on before hemming as I would have adjusted the hem slightly, and although she is 16mnths I used the 2-3 yr size to be safe.
Sorry for the crap iPhone pics I was chasing her around......also please note the fancy schmancy stitch on the sleeves courtesy of LM ( Lady Muck )

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