Saturday, January 31, 2015

Sunday Stash #21 - Sweaty and Icky

I feel like I'm giving you guys a weekly report on my body's temperature status....but it's now raining and it's still now I'm sweaty and icky!

I much prefer to sew in the Winter months I've concluded ,but it's my own damn fault I put so much on my plate this month.

But yay for me I sent the last item out yesterday which was the very last day of January, mission accomplished!!

Let's do fabric!! Half yard cuts this week all from Hawthorne Threads

When I was working on Jo's border for Possum Magic I used alot of AMH fabrics for their gorgeous saturation, subsequently I fell madly in love and had to stash some of my faves.
Medallion in Emerald and Aquamarine 

top to bottom is Haystack Bouquet in Navy, Moss and Country and Crescent Bloom in Ruby

 I also gave into the Cotton & Steel but I was very restrained...only because some prints were sold out which made me want them more!!
top to bottom Hot Cross Buns, Viewfinders in Navy and Natural, more divine XOXO Plummy Silver and a solid which I think is this one

Then just to round out the parcel some basics that you can never have too much of, red ,white and black.
L to R Ditsy Dot, Ann Kelle Plus and Crisscross,Metro Living 2 Diamonds in Snow and Rings in Iron

My favourite Joel Dewberry print in two new colours Carrot and Poppy

Last but certainly not least Confetti Dots, Paint and Harmony

Phew you made it! And it's the 1st of February??!! How did that happen? Personally I'll be glad when the boys go back to college this week and I can get some order and routine going....please read "more organised sewing time for me!" LOL

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Possum Magic - Border # 4 , Quills My Dear

Sorry guys that this post is so overdue, I know many of you are curious as to where exactly we are at?

This round I was working on is for Jo's quilt which began with this centre

Riddle and {Whimsy} Possum Magic Round Robin centre
Boy has it evolved since that one lone arrow!!!

Sorry for the badly cropped photo below but I alway forget to take a photo before I start working on it.....I won't with Sharon's....I promise!

Border 1 is by Serena which were the extra arrows. Then Border 2 is by Carla which added the very clever bullseye and Border 3 is by Jane who expanded the bullseye theme with the octagon blocks top and bottom.

The colours in this quilt are really much more saturated than what is showing here so I definitely knew it was gonna be an AMH kinda day, with a bit of Tula and C&S thrown in to make it fun

My first idea was AMH feathers that you see all over blogland and I love but unless I reduced the size I felt that they were going to take over the quilt instead of adding to it...that was making my brain hurt LOL

So I went with the partial arrow repitition instead...just the quills.It wasn't technically too difficult but since I improv'd the design and worked out the size last it took a bit of faffing around...typical me really

I did a poll on IG for the orientation and the vertical way was the winner

I was soooo tempted to throw the whole quilt orientation on it's ear and do something down each side as well ......

But I stuck to the top and bottom look so Alice didn't freak out too much....LOL

Here's a few more close ups that show the colour depth a little better

I can't wait to see what becomes of this quilt

All of these quilts I would more than happily keep for myself

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Monday, January 19, 2015

Schnitzel and Boom Mini Quilt Swap - Boom Done!

So here is the first of a few sewing posts that I have been promising you all!

The Schnitzel and Boom mini quilt swap is run via Instagram by the lovely Kristi of

I believe this was Round #3 and this time there were over 950 participants!? But it was the hashtag of  #makeaquiltmakeafriend that really appealed to me.

Would you believe I pulled another Rebecca as my partner??
 This was my second fabric round up as the first lot didn't get quite the response I wanted and in hindsight this was definitely the more "slap your eyeballs" effect I was going for!

The pattern is from Sarah over at  

If you haven't already been there get your ass moving....great site,clever lady and  beeeeauuutifuuul patterns!

You'll see from the fabric pile that I changed it a bit....I would like to say this was a carefully thought out design stategy.....but nah....just a screw up. This then made me change the last green to the Flea Market green....which then

resulted in a Key Fob with the screw up......mwahahaha!

And I made a thread catcher to test out the pattern for my #bitchesgetstitchesswap.

My partner, Rebecca, @2bees  received it today and by all accounts is happy with what she received, so mission accomplished!

Like I said here, I'm addicted to swaps and so far am having a fab time! I'm not getting too stressed about what my partner is expecting,as long as I feel that I've put my best attempt in the post I'm happy.

I am so thrilled when someone takes the time to make me something with their own two hands and with their very precious fabric and free time, that I assume they feel the same?!

So far so good.....I'll say it til you tell me to shut up...quilty peeps are the best!!!

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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Sunday Stash #20 - It's Hot Damn Hot!

Bloody Hell it's Hot.....just had to let that out!

I know those of you in the Northern hemisphere are cursing me right now but it has been over 26 degrees Celsius everyday here in the Bay for over a month!

Gorgeous weather for the beach but a Bitch to sew in LOL

I'm just going to show you fabric today as I've been sewing up a storm for the FIVE swap/bee items that I've had to get out this month.....CRAZEEEEEE.

But I promise there will be lots of sewing posts to come.

Lets go.......

 Cotton and Steel XOXO what can I say these collections have been bombing all over Instagram and although I do love them all, so far I've only felt I NEEDED to have a few for myself.....I know!! so controlled, right?

Toy Boat Gold and Plummy Silver are my absolute faves

 Plus Signs in Black by Ann Kelle and Quilters Linen Metallic in Black were added for some interesting staple blacks.The Linen is a quilting cotton with a linen pattern.

There's a bit of a metallic theme going on in this whole post.......Prisma Elements, definitely need to stash some more of these and I'm resisting buying all of the Priory Square bundle!!

 Pearl Bracelet overload coming up!!!!

Pearl Bracelet Fat Quarter Bundle in Bright
 and then some yardage of Poppy, Grey Pearlessence and Copper Metallic which Hawthorne Threads now seem to be sold out of,but you can get the Metallics in a bundle from here

this is next weeks bundle....and there is another in the sewing room...hangs head in shame

Here is a very grainy pic of the Hashtag blocks I sent to Joshua, so glad to be a part of an amazing outpouring of love and support...people can be awesome when they want to !!

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