Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Possum Magic - Border # 4 , Quills My Dear

Sorry guys that this post is so overdue, I know many of you are curious as to where exactly we are at?

This round I was working on is for Jo's quilt which began with this centre

Riddle and {Whimsy} Possum Magic Round Robin centre
Boy has it evolved since that one lone arrow!!!

Sorry for the badly cropped photo below but I alway forget to take a photo before I start working on it.....I won't with Sharon's....I promise!

Border 1 is by Serena which were the extra arrows. Then Border 2 is by Carla which added the very clever bullseye and Border 3 is by Jane who expanded the bullseye theme with the octagon blocks top and bottom.

The colours in this quilt are really much more saturated than what is showing here so I definitely knew it was gonna be an AMH kinda day, with a bit of Tula and C&S thrown in to make it fun

My first idea was AMH feathers that you see all over blogland and I love but unless I reduced the size I felt that they were going to take over the quilt instead of adding to it...that was making my brain hurt LOL

So I went with the partial arrow repitition instead...just the quills.It wasn't technically too difficult but since I improv'd the design and worked out the size last it took a bit of faffing around...typical me really

I did a poll on IG for the orientation and the vertical way was the winner

I was soooo tempted to throw the whole quilt orientation on it's ear and do something down each side as well ......

But I stuck to the top and bottom look so Alice didn't freak out too much....LOL

Here's a few more close ups that show the colour depth a little better

I can't wait to see what becomes of this quilt

All of these quilts I would more than happily keep for myself

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  1. That looks great! I wouldn't have known where to start on this but I really like your addition. Love what you guys are coming up with!

  2. Awesome job! Geez my arrows look so piddly now ... maybe big enough to hunt a mouse? Arrow in training? Love all the fabrics you mixed in there, can't wait to see this one in real life!

  3. lol if Serena thinks her arrows are piddly, what about my little one on its lonesome ownsome!!

    I highly approve of your fabric choices! And I'm glad I only have to worry about how to quilt this and not adding a border LOL.

  4. Love your quills, this will be a stunning quilt with all those gorgeous colours.

  5. Great call, Rebecca! I wonder if Jo had any idea where this was going to go when she started it!?
    I hope Alice doesn't freak out. She will be fine! I have hers to play with.

  6. Looks beautiful! Love stripes and the low volume fabric use.

  7. This quilt is turning out incredible! At the end you should write up a group pattern for it! It's magazine worthy, definitely. Brave!

  8. I am already getting the shakes about what to sew for this border eeeek


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