Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Things Are A Happening , A Shaking and A Moving

So who else has found that when you dip your toes into the "Big Old Pool Of Life" stuff starts happening???

2014 New Quilt Blogger Blog Hop...put both feet in , joined it ...looooved it and from that I am now in two separate Bees with some awesome Peeps!....read about me here if you're not already sick to death of hearing me bang on about it!

First up Possum Magic.Here's my block

It was made using Katy from I'm A Ginger Monkey's  Spring Carnival Templates and with this Herringbone as the background I've made it into a 18 1/2" square block

I have a stupid obsession with this now, OOP Alexander Henry print, that I bought a ridiculously long time ago and would seriously consider swapping a child for if anyone has any......anyone...anyone?


 OK moving on.

Possum Magic is made up of some Uber cool girls from Australia and NZ that I met on Bloghop, and to make it even more exciting it's a Round Robin Quilt....I know SHUTUP!!

The Possums are below...go and check out some of their starting blocks they are gorgeous.
This one from Jane at Where Jane Creates is coming my way first!!

image courtesy of www.wherejanecreates.blogspot.com.au

From NZ we have Moi, Wendy and Alice and from Australia there is Jane,Jo, ( Jo's profile pic alone is worth the visit freakin hilarious !!) Carla,Serena and Sharon  

I'll try and get all savvy with it and create a dedicated page....but don't pass out while holding your breathe.

image from www.gnomeangel.com

Now, do any of you know Angie from Gnome Angel? ....if you don't get on over there and check her out....also very, very funny.

She is running a mini paper pieced House swap through Swapbot...I know?! I'd never heard of it either?

Quilt House Block Swap - INTERNATIONAL

 The deadline for International sign up is June 27, I've added the link to Angie's post that tells you how to make a basic block and if you scroll to the bottom there is a link to join....go on it will be fun!

aaaaaannnndddd just because I'm as Mad As A Meat Axe I also put my hand up for another International Bee organised through the Blog Hop and thank goodness Carla from Granny Maud's Girl has offered to coordinate otherwise I was trying to figure out how I could do it and not have my children taken by the State..........yes that is a bad thing, yes that is a bad thing LOL

I think there are a couple more spots if you want to join but get a wriggle on as the first tutorial is August 1st BY ME!!....yes I'm looking at you Chelsea

So if you've lasted this far you'll see One Wee Bird got alot out of One Wee Hop, so jump in when things are offered and figure the details out later!!

Linking up with these lovely ladies...

Sew Cute Tuesday

Fresh Poppy Design

and Lorna at Sew Fresh Quilts


Saturday, June 14, 2014

Sunday Stash # 9 - Still Fart Arsing Around

Firstly a little service announcement, all comments I am now responding to personally as you guys are just so nice and left me so many comments from the hop!!that I thought my phone was going to blow a gasket!

You guys!! Thankyou....and so nice to meet some other nutbars.

Anywhooooo on to some fabric!

Kona Cotton Solids...always great to stock up on some bits and pieces.Top to bottom is
I bought 2 yards of Storm (new colour) for an idea I have but when it arrived love it but wish I'd bought 2 yards of Indigo as well.....grrrrr

More Kona Cotton Solids.Top to bottom is Banana, Bluegrass,Buttercup,Cactus and Candy Green.
I've just tried to link up to Fabric Shack to show you their swatches as I think they are a little more true to real life colourwise but the catalogue is down...sorry peeps
links are added, definitely truer colour on their site

Village Green and Kona Cappucino and Pomegranate.
The pink in my photo is more true to the actual colour than theirs in this instance.

Just for fun some more Nested Churn Dash Blocks

I've now done 6 and not sure if I should stop

Or continue to make a square Quilt

Still waiting on some fabric to finish 3 quilts

So I have time..........

What's your thoughts oh wise Quilty Peeps, rectangle or square?
What is your preference?

Linking up with Molli who is being force fed Tula LOL

Molli Sparkles

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

2014 New Quilt Blogger Blog Hop - Hi!

Hi Lovely Quilty people!
Welcome to my stop on the New Quilt Blogger Blog Hop, it's so nice to see you!
This has been organised by the wonderfully patient and all knowing about things techy and bloggy Beth at Plum & June
Plum and June

My name is Rebecca and this is where I live, Tauranga, North Island, New Zealand


Check this beach out!! Ten minutes from my house and the mountain in the background is the view that I look at from my front deck everyday! So lucky !

This is Me, not really appropriate but however a good indication of my less than grown up personality!

I am just on the other side of 40 and the mother of 3 gorgeous boys 20,16 and 14 1/2 and one wee precious girl about to turn 2 this Friday! She is the ruler of us all LOL

I am now a single Mum after my gorgeous man passed away this New Years Day after a short Scuba Dive.

My Family, Friends and Sewing have been my lifelines.

I love to make Quilts and other related stuff, and of course buy Fabric.

Stash Bee blocks L to R May, April, March, February,January

My Grandfather owned a Haberdashery when I was a babe and was a talented tailor.
My mother said I was sat on the floor behind the counter to play with the ribbons and velvets and offcuts, so really it's not my fault I am a texture junkie.

I am the eldest of four children, 3 girls and 1 boy.We 3 all live in the same town, but our brother had to move to Korea to get away from the ringing in his ears!
These are some of my all time favourite quilts so far, for various reasons

These top two are Sarah Fielke patterns and were made before I really knew anything about the online community.So I just followed the pattern and didn't really think about the difficulty level, or how freakin long they would take, or whether or not they were beyond my capabilities LOL

Blissful Days......ignorance really is bliss sometimes!

Once again this Sweetpea Stars Quilt was my own pattern based on the thought " I want to make an 8 pointed Star"
I didn't know what Y- Seams were, but I sure learnt fast and I did a really good job after 112 of them!

Sherbet Stars....it makes me smile every time I pull it out and is made entirely from Scraps without any thought put into placement at all.

I think I have roughly made 100 quilts in the last ten years and have given quite a few away, but am always perilously close to drowning in them.

They make me happy and I am a firm believer in doing what makes you happy every second of everyday.

I feel like I'm too new to give any blogging tips, however the one thing that really attracts me to new blogs is someone who is being him/herself.
You're not here to please anyone but yourself, so to attract like minded people
 for conversations , advice and ideas, be authentic.

I swear a lot in real life so obviously I don't fill my post with swearwords but I like to think I type how I speak.Quite often it is grammatically incorrect, but I don't care, as long as I make sense ....haha that is a very loose term.

I haven't travelled far, only to Australia, so the Villa in Tuscany above looks like the perfect vacation spot to take my wee family if I win lotto anytime soon.
I certainly won't be waiting until wee OWB leaves home to travel though , she will just have to come with me!!
I think I've filled your eyeballs with enough chatter about me and any questions are Welcome personal or not, quilty or not, anything goes round here.
oops few more things I am supposed to include
Fave movie : Interview With A Vampire (love the costumes )
Fave Book : All Roald Dahl and the Stephanie Meyer Vampire Series ( I said I wasn't a grown up)
Fave TV Show : Game of Thrones!!! ( you should watch, but my boys say the books are better and way more graphic ???)
Fun Fact : As you can see I have naturally curly hair, in the 80's a week before my school ball I got a perm!!!!

 I will not show you a photo, and" uh oh" is not a phrase you want to hear at the hairdressers or the beautician.

Please hop around and say Hi to the other new bloggers we're all quite lovely and some of us are Mad as Hatters.....the best way to be!

Quick question?
Do you search for tutorials when you want to learn how to make something you've seen online, or do you ask the person directly?

I would like to do some tutorials but am not sure what could be done that hasn't already?

Have fun hopping :) around these gals....tell them I sent you x

Sarah @ Smiles Too Loudly

Vera @ 
Negligent Style

Michelle @ 
Michelle Bartholomew

Katie @ 
Good Golly Ginger

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