About Me

I'm a forty something Mum of four, 3 boys 23,19,18, and a wee girl 15 months. Quilting keeps me from losing my mind and locking them all in a cupboard! Darling Man supports my obsession so he doesn't end up in the cupboard too.
Edit : Darling Man sadly passed away in January 2014, and wee girl is now a very knowledgeable LOL 5 year old.

I have always loved reading other peoples blogs for inspiration and ideas, and just to be nosey and see what other like minded quilters are up to.

This in mind I've decided it was about time I started my own to make it easier to link to some of the cyber goings on that I have participated in, in the past, without actually getting involved because I have no blog!

I am also hoping that it will help me keep a track of what I am doing and have done so far....frightening...do I really need to know how many quilts I have made or currently have in my posession??