Thursday, November 21, 2019

Prairie Queen Quilt - Classic & Vintage Series

Ohh my poor wee blog, there are such big gaps here it's getting ridiculous!!

I have every intention of coming here and being more accountable for the process of making the quilts I do but Instagram is soooo quick and easy....and I'm lazy LOL

Anywhooo I'm here and I have a new quilt to show you...YAY!

Say Hi to the Prairie Queen Quilt from Fat Quarter Shop's Vintage and Classic Series

This is such a great quilt for beginners and more experienced quiltmakers alike, it's a simple block that relies on precise cutting and an exact 1/4" seam throughout for everything to nest and stay symmetrical...not at all difficult just be methodical :)

I chose to deviate from one particular line or designer and shopped my stash doesn't even look like I touched the mint and aqua blue piles so I clearly love them but need to use them in my quilts more than I do.

This OOP Aneela Hoey Posy print I have been hoarding forevahhhh, and I no longer need to hoard all the fabric and never use my I forced myself to use it, and the gorgeous Moda Regent St Floral Lawns was hard!!

I used a vintage 100% cotton sheet for the backing and this Riley Blake fabric for the binding....even though it only leaves me a tiny's ok it's ok...I keep reminding myself LOL

The small person struggled to hold it up for pics in the wind so I had to lay it down so you can hopefully see the gorgeous texture from the all over floral panto....sooo cute and I love being able to quilt my own quilts on my longarm. So much fun choosing a new pantograh and then holding my breath as it starts sewing and hoping I haven't made the wrong choice?!

 I will list this in my Etsy Shop as soon as I can get some decent pics with a taller quilt holder LOL

Talk soon Peeps, nice to see you XX


  1. BEAUTIFUL! Looks better than a quilt made all from one line of fabric... keep up the good work.

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