Friday, October 13, 2017

Jolly Braid Tote Bag - Fat Quarter Shop Pattern Test

I promise you these patterns that I'm testing or just simply making as a quilt along for Fat Quarter Shop aren't the only things I'm sewing lately!!

But since they have a deadline for posting they seem to be leaping the queue ahead of other quilts can tell I was a goody two shoes at school ( rolls her eyes)

Anywhoooo onto the Jolly Braid Tote Bag!!

So I used 3 "new to me" products in the making of this bag....of which I've made a sum total of zero!!

So to say I was a bit nervous is an understatement but it went perfectly!!

The braid section is sooooo awesome AND made ridiculously easy simply by using two things, Jolly Bars!! and Fat Jelly Braid Triangles on a roll specifically made for , You guessed it! Jolly Bars!

So Jolly Bars are 42 pieces of one collection that are 5" x 10" and I chose the delicious Sweet Marion fabric by Amy did I miss this collection before??

You start with one half of a HST and sew on the line on top of the paper, not like usual foundation piecing when the fabric is on the backside of the paper...little weird to start with, but sooo easy to line your fabric up, so thats two new things.

Wonderclips....I use them for everything!

The third new thing was Annie's Soft and Stable...was freaked out about sewing with this, but changed my needle to a 90/14 and it was a dream to sew ...thumbs up!

And now I have a real bag with proper handles and everything....and I didn't even swear once!

Aaaand Little OWB thinks her Mumma is so clever...her words LOL...cause now she has a cool new library bag

One disclaimer this triangle is too big I cut the braid to near that end so lost the braid effect....this is now the back of the bag hahaha....and this fabric pattern almost gave me a headache it made my eyes go so wonky!!

Also I could've ironed my lining a bit better for pics....but yeah nah, this is how I roll.

So if you're a bag virgin like myself the Jolly Braid Tote is the bag for you, if I can do it on the first go you definitely can!!

Friday, October 6, 2017

Fat Quarter Cobblestone Quilt - Pattern Testing Delight

Hi My Lovelies!

It's October and Down Under, for me anyway, it signals the real beginning of Spring!

 Daylight Savings has started and so we have an extra hour of daylight after work and a long weekend to look forward to mid month.....Bring It On!!

On the sewing front, along with lots of WIP's and finishes patiently waiting to be shown off I have a pattern test to show.

Fat Quarter Shop's Cobblestone Quilt

Unfortunately it was a gloomy day when I had a willing quilt holder so the pics don't do the Hometown Christmas Edition Fabric by Sweetwater, that I chose , any justice whatsoever :(

This is a fat quarter friendly pattern and ridiculously quick to sew up into a 63 1/2" x 80 1/2" snuggly quilt.

I'm actually feeling quite smug because thanks to the last quilt I did for the Fat Quarter Shop and National Jelly Roll Day I now have two new Xmas quilts ready to go.....just as well since one of last years ones has well and truly faded due to it still hanging in my entry way!!!!

Sandra quilted it all over with a gorgeous holly and berry panto in a yummy green thread.

This little house print is my absolute favourite ( looks like it's sold out unless you buy a bundle ) followed closely by the buffalo check prints.

The Charcoal Tinsel print was perfect for the binding and one of my favourite Denyse Schmidt prints for the backing just fitted with the colour story perfectly.

The Cobblestone Quilt pattern is currently available here as part of a quilt kit using Zen Chic fabric, but I'm sure by the time this post is released it will be available as a stand alone purchase.