Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Ugly Chair - Now a Smoking Hot Babe

I know it's been a Month since I last said Hi but let's put our big girl undies on and let it go...ok?

I wanna show you my new Smoking Hot occasional chair!!!

Clearly this is not pretty!!! 
But when I saw this wee girl a year or so ago I knew she had to come home with me.....I may or may not have a slight chair hoarding problem that sits alongside my fabric and shoe hoarding issues....

She had definitely seen better days, but her bones were good

A few marks here and there...but we all have those don't we peeps??

I don't even know what colour you'd call that? and the fabric was a POLYESTER NIGHTMARE!!!

But look at her now!!

 Put the lady in some Joel Dewberry Birch Home Decor and she is sex on castor wheels!!

Accessorize with some velvet piping and now she's Smokin Hot!!

She's only a dainty wee girl so I've put her in my room....god forbid any child should lay a finger or a butt on her, she's here to look fabulous and that is all!!

Possum Magic post coming to you shortly with a completed Border #5, so we will talk soon my lovelies xxx