Sunday, October 30, 2016

Sunday Stash #27 - Mummy Went Cray Cray On a Fabric Binge

Yes it's true!

 I actually was fearful for the nutrition of my children and the meals they were going to have to digest if I continued my fabric fueled buying frenzy while away!

First of three stops! was to The Fabric Store, I'm in a bit of a let's make clothes for me and Little OWB phase so I was buying up large.....lets not talk anymore about it...sigh

There's two things I Attribute to this manic shopping frenzy

1. Uninterrupted trains of thought and total quiet within a 2 metre radius of one's person

2. Google Maps that responds to the search "Fabric Shop" and lists everything within a 20km radius

These lovelies are courtesy of Cushla's in Devonport. I didn't actually need anything but started playing around with fat quarters and then felt bad about leaving them behind.

 They're all Kaffe bar the 2nd Spools in Orange and 3rd Dials in Neutral from the top which are from Melody Miller's line Trinket and Kimberley Kight's line Rotary Club respectively.the bottom stripe is by Michael James for Free Spirit

These were in a dinky little shop that stocked a bit of everything, perfect for some easy Summer tops for me and not expensive....phew

Then this was waiting for me at home courtesy of Quilthome Angels and a True Colours sale they had....there's just no question, these are like basic must haves in my stash!
Everyone needs a little Tula,Heather and Anna Maria in their life.

Now please someone tell me how to work and be at least an average Mum and have enough hours in the day to sew LOLOLOL

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Friday, October 28, 2016

Friday Finishes - Psychedelic Legs & Bunnies

Friday again??

 This last part of the year is flicking  past me like a Kardashian hair piece!!

I don't even know if I've even had an October...although my credit card statement says  " oh yes you have Missy!" LOL

I escaped to Auckland for a work commitment and decided to extend it into a Mummy,resting,eating and using the bathroom facilities all by my self!!

The Fabric Store.....I went 3 times...I now have a loyalty card....sigh

I didn't take photos of all the deliciousness...I couldn't be too crazy, they were keeping a close eye on me what with all the stroking and sighing going on!!

But I bought alot of fabric and a little Liberty Fabric Knit for Little OWB....cause that makes it seem like you're really in there for practical reasons (rolls eyes!)

I followed the Best Tutorial Ever!! by Dana from Made Everyday, here's the link

I do have an overlocker (serger) but I used a little of both techniques and seriously you could easily just use a regular machine if you just read you manual (who does that until you have a screw up) and use the recommended stretchy stich or just a zig zag.

My mother made our clothes and all our ball dresses and one of my sisters wedding dresses so I'm used to handmade....looks like little OWB will be the same YAY

Although I think it's just the opportunity to pose and be the Star that she is LOL

In Quilty news I finished a WIP that has been lying around for two years!!!

Following on from last weeks post which was all about baby quilts and critters, I used the Bunny portion of the Fancy Forest pattern by Elizabeth Hartman to finish a teenage quilt top.This girl is turning 15 in January and is mad on Bunnies and used to love pink and's hoping it's still the case LOL 

Phew you made it! See you on Sunday for my stash report....

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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

And Behold Some Finishes - Baby Quilts!

Yes it's me again there is no need to adjust your screens!

I'm ever so slowly getting back into the blogging groove so let's start with a couple of finishes and a f*#k up just to keep it real LOL

The pattern is Fancy Forest by Elizabeth Hartman and as much as I love it I am never going to get around to making it....lets be real, I've been breaking the critters down into doable amounts and using them for baby quilts...high fives herself!

Little OWB doesn't nap in the afternoon so sad for the quilting is restricted to nighttime or when she's happy to Netflix for an hour.

Hazel Hedgehog had an unwanted facelift due to night sewing when tired...DO NOT SEW TIRED

Fortunately the redo's ( is that a word ?) went alot more smoothly and in the the Mummas chosen colour scheme of yellow, grey and white, they turned out pretty snazzy

This quilt was for my new nephew and since Dad is an all round Kiwi Bloke (read,  fishes, builds stuff and likes to shoot stuff ) I put some deer on the back in a lovely soft flannel from my local Spotlight. Sandra from Wise Owl Quilting did a very cool all over spiky panto that looks great on a hedgehog quilt!

Aaaand since there's nothing worse than the new baby arriving after much anticipation and he actually does NOTHING of interest to a 3 year old...Big sister got a quilt too LOL

And since her theme is Owls look what Sandra did!! Owls and Mumma and Dadda birds with two babies...cuteness overload!

And the O's were also for Olivia not just Owl.....

This was the perfect amount of fabric for the background but oh my lordy lordy what a beeyatch it was to work with!! It's a DS Yard Goods fabric from when Denyse Schmidt was designing for Spotlight and although it has a lovely soft hand it has a VERY open weave and frayed like you wouldn't believe

But it quilted and washed up so purdy, so I forgive you terrible fabric

And a couple of closeups of the sparkly Hazel and the gorgeous quilting

Not quite the same size but both big enough to wrap a couple of cuties in!

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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Playing Catch Up - Schnitzel & Boo Mini Quilt Swap

Hi Peeps!

This is a retro post brought to you by the Month of October in the Year 2015?!! holy balls that's a lifetime ago!

Anyway... I participated in the Schnitzel & Boo Mini Quilt Swap

OMG she is a genius in the paper piecing world, you've probably seen the ridiculously crazy gorgeous Epic Halloween Quilt which is being run as a QAL by Flying Parrot Quilts.

The Midnight Bite pattern is the block which captures my eye the most....already added to the WIP list....sigh

Anywhoo I digress...this is the back of Take Wing....shes a bulky girl and carries alot a little around the middle like most of us Mummas ;)

I chose a Robert Kaufman metallic spot for the background....just to give her a little sparkle to go along with her shimmery wings. 

I am a crap  novice FMQ at best and although I love trying new and time involved patterns for these minis, I get a little frustrated at the lack of my FMQ skill.

The back features a gorgeous Kaffe print that I've hoarded forever...was keeping just for this mini lololol

Here she is in all her Sparkliness...totally a word!....I was very sad to see her go

A couple of extras my go to Heather Bailey pincushion and cute skull fobs...everyone needs a bit of skullduggery in their life!

Mini Quilts swaps are a great way to try something new and small, maximum size is usually 24" but can be less. Plus you usually have heaps of time between sign ups and mailing deadlines......don't know why then I always leave mine until the last minute??

Catch ya later Lovelies x

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Sunday Stash #26 - No Blogging Does Not = No Fabric Buying

As the title says just because I've been absent from here does not mean I've been absent from my favourite online shops.

While there's internet I will shop!

Incidentally can anyone recommend a good online Canadian fabric shop that will ship internationally?.......our exchange rates are very friendly with each other!

OK enough hooha onto the fabric, courtesy of The Fabric Shack this week

So in the spirit of trying to be more organised now Little OWB no longer naps!! is a sad sad day when the babies get too old ( read absolutely refuse ) to nap.

 I've tried to take a realistic look at my WIPS and see what I can/want to get done and what can stay as a WIP lolol

Boo by Cotton & Steel and the Freak Out by Michael Miller have been purchased so I can finish my Nested Churn Dash quilt....which is from 2014???!!!

Echino Ni-Co (sold out sorry ) ...because it was on sale and two modern solids by Jason Yenter in Raspberry and Apple ....both $5.98/yard...good buying and colours I seem to use alot of in my mini quilts?

I also bought some more Raspberry  from the Zen Chic Flow range, and was surprised by the cute selvedge.......seems to be a positive message theme appearing with some of the manufacturers. Great if you're collecting them for a project.

In the last year I've done quite a few baby quilts which I'll show you as soon as I get the posts sorted.....Don't hold your breath!!!...So Thicket by Gingiber for Moda appealed on two levels.
Black and White ( Also comes in an Ecru background ) which is so easy for either Gender.

And the cutest animals ever that aren't babyish at all but still adorable

The complimentary patterns to round out the panel and feature fabric are great for any stash!

Plus while I was in the minimalist modern baby mood I snapped up some Bundle Me Up which has a more creamy background, more like Kona Snow, but equally as cute.

As for this one.......I have know feckin idea why I bought it, but I'm sure it will come in day?!

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