Tuesday, October 25, 2016

And Behold Some Finishes - Baby Quilts!

Yes it's me again there is no need to adjust your screens!

I'm ever so slowly getting back into the blogging groove so let's start with a couple of finishes and a f*#k up just to keep it real LOL

The pattern is Fancy Forest by Elizabeth Hartman and as much as I love it I am never going to get around to making it....lets be real,...so I've been breaking the critters down into doable amounts and using them for baby quilts...high fives herself!

Little OWB doesn't nap in the afternoon anymore....so so sad for the Mumma...so quilting is restricted to nighttime or when she's happy to Netflix for an hour.

Hazel Hedgehog had an unwanted facelift due to night sewing when tired...DO NOT SEW TIRED

Fortunately the redo's ( is that a word ?) went alot more smoothly and in the the Mummas chosen colour scheme of yellow, grey and white, they turned out pretty snazzy

This quilt was for my new nephew and since Dad is an all round Kiwi Bloke (read,  fishes, builds stuff and likes to shoot stuff ) I put some deer on the back in a lovely soft flannel from my local Spotlight. Sandra from Wise Owl Quilting did a very cool all over spiky panto that looks great on a hedgehog quilt!

Aaaand since there's nothing worse than the new baby arriving after much anticipation and he actually does NOTHING of interest to a 3 year old...Big sister got a quilt too LOL

And since her theme is Owls look what Sandra did!! Owls and Mumma and Dadda birds with two babies...cuteness overload!

And the O's were also for Olivia not just Owl.....

This was the perfect amount of fabric for the background but oh my lordy lordy what a beeyatch it was to work with!! It's a DS Yard Goods fabric from when Denyse Schmidt was designing for Spotlight and although it has a lovely soft hand it has a VERY open weave and frayed like you wouldn't believe

But it quilted and washed up so purdy, so I forgive you terrible fabric

And a couple of closeups of the sparkly Hazel and the gorgeous quilting

Not quite the same size but both big enough to wrap a couple of cuties in!

Linking up with the girls from Quilt Story for Fabric Tuesday, cause it's been foreeeeever

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  1. Both quilts are very cute. That quilting is perfect and the colors you picked are yummy!

  2. They are both super cute!!! I love your style. Thanks for showing how squishy delish they look after washing, too!

  3. I bought that pattern with the intention of making small bits and never the whole pattern too. It is so good to see you doing a fab job of that while I still sit on my hands.
    (Real Kiwi blokes shoot stuff - LOL - very Hunt for the Wilderpeople!)


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