Friday, October 28, 2016

Friday Finishes - Psychedelic Legs & Bunnies

Friday again??

 This last part of the year is flicking  past me like a Kardashian hair piece!!

I don't even know if I've even had an October...although my credit card statement says  " oh yes you have Missy!" LOL

I escaped to Auckland for a work commitment and decided to extend it into a Mummy,resting,eating and using the bathroom facilities all by my self!!

The Fabric Store.....I went 3 times...I now have a loyalty card....sigh

I didn't take photos of all the deliciousness...I couldn't be too crazy, they were keeping a close eye on me what with all the stroking and sighing going on!!

But I bought alot of fabric and a little Liberty Fabric Knit for Little OWB....cause that makes it seem like you're really in there for practical reasons (rolls eyes!)

I followed the Best Tutorial Ever!! by Dana from Made Everyday, here's the link

I do have an overlocker (serger) but I used a little of both techniques and seriously you could easily just use a regular machine if you just read you manual (who does that until you have a screw up) and use the recommended stretchy stich or just a zig zag.

My mother made our clothes and all our ball dresses and one of my sisters wedding dresses so I'm used to handmade....looks like little OWB will be the same YAY

Although I think it's just the opportunity to pose and be the Star that she is LOL

In Quilty news I finished a WIP that has been lying around for two years!!!

Following on from last weeks post which was all about baby quilts and critters, I used the Bunny portion of the Fancy Forest pattern by Elizabeth Hartman to finish a teenage quilt top.This girl is turning 15 in January and is mad on Bunnies and used to love pink and's hoping it's still the case LOL 

Phew you made it! See you on Sunday for my stash report....

Linking up with Amanda Jean and her gorgeous Pink Lemonade quilt and Fort Worth Fabric Studio for Fabric Frenzy Friday!!


  1. Um, yes, I'd have fun stroking all that fabric, too! I'd love to have you link up to Finished or Not Fridays each week!

  2. I love the bunny quilt and I am sure it will still be adored by the teen, it is very very cool!

  3. You can never unlove pink and black and bunnies. The quilt will be a hit.
    My high school class has started a Facebook group for our forthcoming reunion - loads of flashback photos of hand-made ball dresses. I hope lots more grow up like OWB loving hand-made


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