Sunday, October 30, 2016

Sunday Stash #27 - Mummy Went Cray Cray On a Fabric Binge

Yes it's true!

 I actually was fearful for the nutrition of my children and the meals they were going to have to digest if I continued my fabric fueled buying frenzy while away!

First of three stops! was to The Fabric Store, I'm in a bit of a let's make clothes for me and Little OWB phase so I was buying up large.....lets not talk anymore about it...sigh

There's two things I Attribute to this manic shopping frenzy

1. Uninterrupted trains of thought and total quiet within a 2 metre radius of one's person

2. Google Maps that responds to the search "Fabric Shop" and lists everything within a 20km radius

These lovelies are courtesy of Cushla's in Devonport. I didn't actually need anything but started playing around with fat quarters and then felt bad about leaving them behind.

 They're all Kaffe bar the 2nd Spools in Orange and 3rd Dials in Neutral from the top which are from Melody Miller's line Trinket and Kimberley Kight's line Rotary Club respectively.the bottom stripe is by Michael James for Free Spirit

These were in a dinky little shop that stocked a bit of everything, perfect for some easy Summer tops for me and not expensive....phew

Then this was waiting for me at home courtesy of Quilthome Angels and a True Colours sale they had....there's just no question, these are like basic must haves in my stash!
Everyone needs a little Tula,Heather and Anna Maria in their life.

Now please someone tell me how to work and be at least an average Mum and have enough hours in the day to sew LOLOLOL

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  1. I'm a sucker for those Kaffe dots too, the True Colours are delicious, have you any plans for them? (or is that a stupid question?!!)

  2. I love the florals and the spots and the basic blenders and ...

  3. Lovely lovely fabric selections, especially love the bright florals, something severely lacking in my stash! Must attend to that! Cheers Fi

  4. Love the florals in the top pic. They would make beautiful clothes.


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