Saturday, January 17, 2015

Sunday Stash #20 - It's Hot Damn Hot!

Bloody Hell it's Hot.....just had to let that out!

I know those of you in the Northern hemisphere are cursing me right now but it has been over 26 degrees Celsius everyday here in the Bay for over a month!

Gorgeous weather for the beach but a Bitch to sew in LOL

I'm just going to show you fabric today as I've been sewing up a storm for the FIVE swap/bee items that I've had to get out this month.....CRAZEEEEEE.

But I promise there will be lots of sewing posts to come.

Lets go.......

 Cotton and Steel XOXO what can I say these collections have been bombing all over Instagram and although I do love them all, so far I've only felt I NEEDED to have a few for myself.....I know!! so controlled, right?

Toy Boat Gold and Plummy Silver are my absolute faves

 Plus Signs in Black by Ann Kelle and Quilters Linen Metallic in Black were added for some interesting staple blacks.The Linen is a quilting cotton with a linen pattern.

There's a bit of a metallic theme going on in this whole post.......Prisma Elements, definitely need to stash some more of these and I'm resisting buying all of the Priory Square bundle!!

 Pearl Bracelet overload coming up!!!!

Pearl Bracelet Fat Quarter Bundle in Bright
 and then some yardage of Poppy, Grey Pearlessence and Copper Metallic which Hawthorne Threads now seem to be sold out of,but you can get the Metallics in a bundle from here

this is next weeks bundle....and there is another in the sewing room...hangs head in shame

Here is a very grainy pic of the Hashtag blocks I sent to Joshua, so glad to be a part of an amazing outpouring of love and support...people can be awesome when they want to !!

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  1. Over 26 degrees is hot!? That sounds like a perfect, mild spring day to me. We had 44.4 last week!
    In fact, a friend once told me that studies had shown 26 is the temperature at which people are comfy naked. Is all of NZ naked? :)

  2. Ooohh.... so many yummy fabrics in this post. I don't know which bundle I enjoy more - the Cotton & Steel or the Pearl Bracelets. Those metallics!
    And I can't help but be a little jealous of your weather... yesterday it was -24 degrees celcius with the windchill. Yikes!

  3. Fantastic stashing, love the Pearl Bracelet metallics - so fancy!

  4. Glad to see you're supporting all those poor fabric designers again. I'm tempted by Priory Square, but am holding off and trying to be good for a few more weeks yet.

  5. I was going to comment on the same thing as Carla (about the weather, not your nakedness... lol!). I'd love it to be only 26!! We're warming up for another 40 degree day on Wednesday.

    I've been eyeing off the Prisma elements but I'm poor so haven't bought any yet. Soon though I think! I haven't bought any fabric this year at all so far, so I'm also tempted to see how long I can last...

  6. I love your choices, especially the XOXO and the Prisma. I hadn't seen the pearl and gold Prisma yet. Perfect!
    Our winter here isn't very cold. Infact all the skiers are dashing around the mountains searching for a little snow to have fun with! Since last year we seem to have lost all our seasons: it's always autumn!

  7. Love the Cotton+ Steel XOXO! The metallic x's are so cool! I look forward to seeing what you make with that fabric.

  8. Oh hot! LOL! I was binding a quilt in 33 degrees the other day!


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