Monday, December 15, 2014

Swaps - My New Addiction

I promised you some actual sewing and not just fabric purchases, so this week I'm going to talk about my new addiction....Online Swaps!!

They are so much fun and it's a bit like an auction...your hand just randomly shoots up to join without checking in with your brain, and more importantly your schedule!!!

First up I have a love of all things Sarah. It started with her books

Specifically the Material Obsession books I and II. I just loved her sense of style and fabric placement, it all just seemed to click with me.

I have made my version of these two quilts, which you can see here

I also contributed to this quilt, which was made for Amy Lobsiger her co author on the Little Quilts Book

Which brings me to me first swap since the beginning of the year.

Sarah decided via Instagram to run a Little Quilts Swap using only patterns from her book of the same name.When my partner was a assigned I had a little freak out as she owns her own brick and mortar quilt shop!! WTF?! But I put my big girl undies on stalked her a bit and got sewing!

I always do one block first to test out fabric placement

Something you should know about all Sarah's patterns is this....they always look straight forward and generally are but they are NEVER as easy as you think! She is a master quilter and pattern designer and for results as good as hers there is always a technique that will test you!

Individually these units were a cinch to sew and not a huge amount of time was involved...but...theres always a but....getting them to sew up POINT PERFECT took some patience, accuracy and a few godammits!

But I was pretty happy with how it turned out and so was my partner! She cried...what a sweetie

These were the extras I made and popped in, the pouch is stuffed with chocolate and mini herbal teas.

This is the quilt I received from @sewcuteby lindsay....loooove

These are my all time favourite colours and the colours of Little OWB's room, which she based it on.
Plus these wonderful extras, fabric ,a purse and a seam ripper...always need an extra of these!!

I have two more swaps due in 2015. One is the #bitchesgetstitches Profanity Swap ( awesome ) and the #schnitzelandboom swap. Plus I've just signed on for the #rainbowminiswap which isn't due until March...luckily.
Somewhere in there I have another border due for Possum Magic !

There's another swap to talk about it but I think our eyeballs need a rest, talk soon my peeps x

I would normally link up with Alyce for Sew Cute Tuesday today, but instead pop on over and read her thoughtful post today about her home Country and it's recent tragedy in our news.


  1. You know that feeling when you see someone using the same fabric that you have? Like it validates your good taste~well, I have some of that cherry fabric and I have the funniest story about it. Last year I made my daughter a Christmas quilt out of reds/aquas. In there was the cherry fabric~and she asked...why are there cherries in there? And I said...years from now you will share the story of the Christmas cherries...long ago there was a quilter making a Chrismas quilt, and she had fabric with cherries that fit in swimmingly, so she added them to the quilt. THE END! :) Your projects look great!

  2. Hey Lady -- I'm in all those swaps too, and the Bee groups -- great minds think a like right.

  3. Your mini is fab! i wouldn't have thought those blocks would be easy at all!

  4. Fabulous minis. Swaps are so much fun.

  5. Mmmm, I'm not totally convinced about swaps yet. I see a lot of people stressing about what to make for the other person. Some people request so much information that they are really just making something to order. I would want the freedom to do whatever I think is right, but it would be hard to work out what is right when you don't know the person at all. I also wonder about all the other extras people include in their packages. Doesn't it get a bit competitive and end up with you running all over town to get the right extras? I think I'll remain on the sidelines for a bit longer yet and just observe what goes on. I have seen some gorgeous minis being exchanged, but I could just make some for myself. Am I being selfish? Or missing the point?

  6. Gorgeous projects! What a lot of fun!

  7. Yes I think 2015 is going to be the year of the swaps! I'm still waiting to hear if my partner received her quilt AND I'm also waiting to receive mine ... I can't wait! :)

  8. hmmmm Katie said the rainbow swap was due in April... hope you guys figure it out LOL!

  9. I have enjoyed swaps but am having so much fun with bees and our possum gang that I won't sign up for one next year. Maybe 2016! I have to focus on some WIPs!
    Lovely mini swaps! I too love Sarah's work.

  10. I'm sharing the same addiction at the moment. I've had so much fun with a few little swaps that I can see 2015 turning into one big swap-a-thon. It's such a great way to meet new people, try new things and have a little bit of fun. (Tis better to give than receive!) I love that little fox, he's very cute! Hope you had a fabulous Christmas!

  11. PS: How did you stick the books to the ceiling? :)


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