Thursday, May 4, 2017

Baby Quilts - So Simple So Easy So Calming

Do you often find that in the crazy haze that is social media you spend more time looking, being inspired, oooohing and aaaahing, saving pics,commenting....which then leads to conversations....than you actually do sewing??

Thats me!! I have such a small window for sewing that I quite literally have to cut myself off from my phone and do what it is I loooove to do which other than fabric shop is simply to sew.

A baby quilt is the best phone break ever!!

They are quick to make, especially when it's custom and the Mumma to be has chosen all the fabrics already from your stash.This is her second custom from me as she chose this cross stitch one for her first wee Bubba

And it gives your over filled work weary brain something to do that is both soothing and creative and gets a weekend...or a day if you have time....soooo jealous if you have that kind of time...sigh

The prints from Sleep Tight and Wee Gallery just wanted to shine on their own so a simple
 4 1/2"square grid was easy peasy

The Pandalicious Tee Pees were just begging to be added

Cotton & Steel have yet to have a dud line.....just my opinion

Unicorns! Every baby must have some sort of Unicorn in their near's mandatory I say

The colours in this quilt were so hard to photograph there was a lot more contrast than I could capture in any of these photos, indoors or out.

A Winter baby must have a flannel backing for extra snuggliness

Bound labelled and ready to go

Rumour has it that the Mumma is ecstatic and I am more relaxed and ready to tackle my sewing to do list more calm and hopefully organised......ok lets not get too crazy...and stick with just more calm LOL

FYI I found this post by Suzy Quilts super helpful on the whole baby size thing.

Normally I wing it and stop when it looks balanced but for this quilt I went with a 36" x 48" finished quilt

Happy Sewing Lovelies xx

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