Friday, September 30, 2016

I Made Something To Wear - I Know it's Been A While!

Hi!!! (waving frantically)

I know, you don't remember me's been a look great by the way...yes it's been almost a year!

Wow...where do I begin?

Life got busy...frantic actually...but it's all good, and well here I am.

What's happened in a year.........LOTS!

But before I bombard you with posts to try and catch up lets's just do a little one to get reacquainted.

I made a DRESS?!! I know right?

 The pattern can be found at Purl Soho and is sooooo easy to follow and the Tencel/Chambray fabric was fabulous to work with.

It has bias binding that I made myself with a nifty clover bias tape maker....SHUTUP!

Aaaaand I used my overlocker (serger to the American peeps)

And yes I suck at styling the said outfit for photos....noone "adulty like" at home to help me just the little person.....who actually likes to help but is far from helpful LOLOL

I've also worn this a few times so it's a win win.

Lovely to see you my friends! I'll be back soon I promise xxx

Let's do the linky thing because I've missed seeing everyones finishes over at Amanda Jean's for Finish It Up Friday


  1. I think this dress would become a staple in my wardrobe! Love the colour and it looks so comfy, too. Two thumbs up on a great finish!

  2. Hello! That you have already worn it several times is a sign of its success.
    The last wearable thing I remember making was over a year ago and was just a silk underdress for the lace dress I wore to my stepdaughter's wedding.
    (I have an adult in the house and still no photo helper. I think you might have better luck with Little Bird.)


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