Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Baby Quilts - Proof I Haven't Been Twiddling My Thumbs

Hi Again!

I've got a few finishes to show you guys this week but I thought I would start with two of the oldest!!

This Fabric is mostly from Art Gallery Fabrics Nouvelle range and according to the dates on my blogroll it was purchased in July 2014 and made into a top  in October 2014......nuff said!

 It's been quilted with another Chenille (candlewick bedspread ) in cream as a backing.
It was tricky to photograph but it has a gorgeous all over swirling flower and vine Panto, perfect for a wee baby girl quilt.

The binding was the left over scraps and I hand stitched it down.

The next finish is from this post here.

I'm not repeating the title as for some reason ( that I really don't want to think about ) this particular post has had over 12,000 hits and I suspect in the sometimes grubby world we live in it has something to do with the French title and the word "boy" sharing the same sentence? 

You all know I've a slight obsession with plus quilts and this was just a made up pattern with Kona Snow as the fill in background.

This was also backed in Vintage Chenille and quilted all over in a geometric type box panto.......all my own English Grammer folks LOL

Purely because of time constraints and to save my hands I've started machine stitching the binding down.

This one was to the front but usually I choose to stitch in the ditch on the front and have the thread show on the back binding.

Both have gone to the same family, a Three year old boy and a brand new wee girl.

Mum sent me a photo of the 3 yo asking to be wrapped up in his quilt....which of course is exactly what they are for.

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  1. Both are beautiful quilts but am drawn to the colors in the 'plus' quilt. Great job. Micki@2dogsstudio.us

  2. Lovely quilts! I love it when I get photos of my quilts in the wild too :) Makes it even more worthwhile of all the effort and more addictive too :) I've had no luck with machine binding so far ... it would be a handy skill to have for a quick finish!

  3. I love that plus quilt. Such a pretty color combo!

  4. Cannot choose a favourite. Love them both.
    I have been making baby quilts too. No proof yet. :(


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