Friday, October 9, 2015

Dessert Hues - Low Volume Flying Geese

The finish I have to show you today is another top from the archives!

According to this post here we are talking circa July 2014....but it is now a finished quilt so lets all step back and " Let It Goooooo, Let It Goooooo".....Frozen is forever occupying valuable brain space!!!

Anywhhoooo it isn't my Pattern design it is one of Anne's masterpieces from her blog

 The Palette Builder will definitely allow you to lose a few hours just playing were warned!

This is Dessert Hues

As you can see from the hint of sky it was a very grey day and even with photo editing difficult to get the colour saturation right

 In person it is an extremely crisp quilt colourwise

The grey is a shot cotton and the Kona colours from top to bottom are Lagoon, Glacier, Raisin,Pomegranate,Tangerine and Papaya

I did send this out to be quilted, purely because I wanted to put another Vintage Chenille backing on it and Lady Muck just will not sully herself with such things......also I didn't want to get cross with her and end up throwing the quilt across the room.....not that I do that....not often anyway

My lovely longarmer Sandra quilted each of the coloured geese in matching thread to make them pop and vertically every 1 1/2" in white thread.

For those who like stats the finished size is 60" x 72" and the Geese Blocks are 3" x 6"
Aaaand since it is a very white quilt and more than likely to need a lot of washing with a white  binding to boot!!.....  machine stitching the binding down was the only sensible option!

Piece of cake for white on white, even though the backing looks creamy?

I've long admired Anne's designed and I'm thrilled that she allowed me to draught a pattern so I could have one for myself....Quilty peeps are the best!

And that folks is another Finish! Yay!!!


  1. Such a great design, and it looks so pretty with the colors you used!

  2. I love this quilt!! Beautiful.

  3. Beautiful! I love it! Simple and effective!

  4. I have a picture of something like this random geese layout in my scrapbook of favourites. It is so simple and yet so chic. Great work, Rebecca.

  5. Wonderful inspiration, wonderful quilt.

  6. beautiful, crisp, modern design. love it!

  7. beautiful, crisp, modern design. love it!

  8. I really like your quilt and those little bits of colour are perfect with each other - of course now I've got that song in my head... The grey does make it for me - really works so well in the design.


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