Saturday, October 10, 2015

Farmers Wife 1930s QAL - Week #2 Going Strong

So week two in the FWQAL has rolled around and guess what......I've done this weeks blocks as well.
I'll keep it short and sweet so I don't bore you
First up is Betty

I really enjoyed Betty she was right up my alley with all the HST......boy that sounded weird/rude?!!
This is also where I've deviated completely from the colour plan....Yellow and Mustard? 70's flashback anyone??
And completely concentrated on the contrast in colour value....I think pink and black makes for a saucy wench!
And no paper piecing for this one either.

Next up is Caroline.....anyone else singin "Sweet Caroline....good times never seemed so good...."
Neil Diamond is a legend....don't you judge me LOLOLOL
Now for Caroline I cut all the paper piecing quadrants out then realised that this method was going to make a relatively simple block more complicated than necessary
So I pieced the two QST and pinwheel blocks as per QST units are a little organic??? in the centre but it's not irritating my OCD tick.....just yet.
I've rotated the block in this photo as I prefer it this way.
My tip?....starch the beejeezus out of the pinwheels and iron your seams open to get them laying flat as a pancake...they are teeny!!
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  1. I love pink and black (much more than mustard and yellow! definite 70s flashbacks, especially if you add in some maroon - my old school uniform/township colours were maroon and gold).

  2. Looking good - I am watching everyones progress with great interest. So many variations on the same blocks.

  3. I've seen Neil Diamond in concert twice and would go again if I could LOL


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