Saturday, August 15, 2015

Sunday Stash #24 - I'm Baaaaaack

Bonjour my lovely Peeps!!

Since my blog is sadly neglected these days you've probably barely registered my absence LOL but I have been away!

For 17 days to be precise, swanning around France and Italy!

It's the first time I've been really overseas (Aussie doesn't really count ?) and without any of my children for longer than a week!!

It was absolute bliss! I ate all the food did all the stuff (cycled 300km ) and saw all the things.

But best of all I had a holiday from my life, which is far from terrible but can be really busy and tiring and demanding....just like everyone elses!!

I highly recommend it!

This is a quick 9 photo montage out of 1350 pictures!!!

Meanwhile back at the Ranch .......

Massdrop did come a callin' while I was out.....3 times to be precise!

Tula Pink's True colours fat quarter bundle....delicious...can be found here and here

Valdani threads Perle #8 Whistlepig palette

Aaaaand while I was standing in an airport queue in France ( Ryan Air is an adventure all by itself!! )
I realised my Tasha Noel vintage Market bundle had sold out at Westwood Acres, so I panicked and jumped onto Hawthorne Threads and bought me some half yards....phew!

I bought what was available and filled the bag with Dumb Dot White on Black which is a staple for me and I knew I'd run out

So pretty all stacked up

Text in Aqua, Red and Yellow

Main in Mint and White (also comes in Pink ) and Vine in Navy and Mint ( also in Red )

Strawberries in Aqua and Pink (also in Yellow )

Floral in Navy ,White and Mint

Tasha is never short on cuteness and the reason I think so many of her lines appeal is not only because of this but that there is ample opportunity for fussy cutting!

Look at these girls on bikes, they're crying out to be the centre of a feature block!
Bike ride in Mint and Pink

I got a bit too clicky on the Add to Cart button and also bought a half yard of the Floral in Mint in KNIT.........any suggestions would be helpful??!!

I've long admired Liberty Prints but have thought they were far too expensive to purchase any.....

WELL..... Polka Dot Tea fabrics clearly called my bluff, every girl obviously has her price and mine is Tiny Teapots and Alice in Wonderland????

I never said I was playing with a full deck when it comes to fabric.....

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  1. Awesome stash additions and glad to hear that you enjoyed your hols (not withstanding Ryan Air!)

  2. Oooo, so many pretty things! I'm especially loving all the tiny teapots! And you had a lovely holiday to boot, I'm very jealous. :) (And if you want a good giggle and you don't mind a bit of swearing, look up "Cheap Flights" by Fascinating Aida on Youtube; it sums up the RyanAir experience perfectly!)

  3. Gorgeous! I love the vintage goods stand fabric!

  4. I can just picture you in an airport in France buying fabric online. They'd be calling your name over the PA (hugely embarrassing) but you'd be completing your purchase. You'd get to the gate and they'd say "were you in the corporate lounge?", and you'd say "no, I just had to order some quilting fabric before it ran out". Clearly a national emergency.
    Glad you're home safely, just as the days are starting to get longer and summer is getting closer.

  5. I dread to imagine what I would order while in a jetlagged stupor in transit. You did well. Great fussy cutting potential.
    I haven't any ideas for the knit. Sorry. I will keep thinking.

  6. Great to have you back! The trip sounds amazing and I hope your kids missed you so much that they will do everything you ask of them without moaning for a whole year! lol ...

  7. Lol!! I hope you're going to share more of your vacay pics!! Your fabric stash additions are pure genius!

  8. That looks like an awesome trip! Great sites and great fabric, you really know how to take a holiday.


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