Friday, July 17, 2015

Possum Magic - It's the Final Border

Yes it's true we are at the end of our Possum Magic Round Robin!

Even more frightening I've finished my border with days to spare???....I know ...What The Fancy Pants is going on in Casa OWB?!!

More on that later....lets get to the pics...that's the interesting stuff


 This is Alice's centre ( pic from her blog ) and if you click here she has a great post on all the centre's in their original state.

Alice had been saving this gorgeous Liberty fabric for a special project and I hope she doesn't mind that I used the last teeny scraps of it in the final border!

I knew that I wanted to repeat the Sawtooth Star block that Alice had used in her centre, so I just started hunting through my stash for some gorgeous girly prints and found a pile...yes a pile!...of Lecien that I had selected for a swap and then changed my mind.

I even threw in a bit of Bonnie and Camille and some vintage Oasis by 3 Sisters!!...I sooo need a sort out!

56 six and half inch blocks later....I could have easily kept these and made a really girly quilt!

I'd initially looked for the Heather Bailey Print that Wendy used in her first border but could only find the one in the corner with the dark green was too stark against all the soft I looked again...I was sure I'd had some ...then Voila!

Down the back of some other Yellows, 1/2 a yard....cue Happy Dance!

I added 1" strips to the ends of the Stars and alternated them so they would dance around the edge and hopefully give some movement.....and it meant less seam matching LOL

She finished up at 88 1/2" square and is a Monster quilt but she is very dainty and delicate filled with Butterflies, Vines and the most perfectly appliqued Flowers and teeny tiny Yo-Yo's I have ever seen!!!

Then because I had a gorgeous pile of scraps I had to make Blossom the Bunny, the heart in the bottom right hand pic is her tail.....the cuteness is sickening.....I hid her from Little OWB...mean Mummy!!

Pattern is in this issue of Love Patchwork and Quilting Mag

Linking up because I finally have a finish!!?? with Amanda Jean and Lindsey for Fabric Frenzy Friday

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  1. OMG! This is too cute! I came to see your quilt blocks, but your bunny is icing on the cake. You definitely have a monster medallion there, but it's just my style. Love this quilt!

    Julie @ Pink Doxies

  2. ok. That bunny is absolutely adorable. Where'd you get the head? What a great side gift for a baby quit. Love it!

  3. Those stars are so pretty and the bunny is adorable!

  4. I think hiding One Wee Bunny from OWB was a very practical decision!
    This quilt is such girly fun, and ginormous! I think we can safely say that Alice is not going to go through a black Goth/Emo phase any time soon, so I am sure she will love it. You have used some of my favourite designers in 3 Sisters, Lecien, etc.

  5. Very nicely done, good work team!

  6. Happy days!!! Is that the first one finished then? Talk about a sprint to the finish :)

  7. Its beautiful - well done all. Looks great in the photos but in seeing it close up is even better I imagine!


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