Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Possum Magic Border # 6 - Mrs Peacocks Quilt

Possum Magic is almost at it's end!!
Where has a year gone??

If you're new around these parts then you can read about Possum Magic here and here

Mrs Peacock as she has been christened by Carla is also known to her family as Wendy, both these ladies are prolific Crafters and very good Bloggers....they even keep their blogs up to date???...who does that these days LOL

If you haven't visited already I strongly urge you to, or even check them out on Instagram...my shameful bit on the side

Anyway, this is how Wendy's quilt was looking when it arrived lots of Blue,Purple,Teal ( hence the Mrs Peacock ) and with some gorgeous splashes of Cerise and Lime

So this is the stack I pulled, quite alot of Kaffe in there as I know Wendy is a fan

What I really wanted to do was the Sun Rays paper pieced block  but when I printed out the 44 blocks I needed I realised that the pattern was actually TWO HALVES pieced together making it 88 halves and a bucket load of point matching......I admitted defeat...there was no way I was going to get it done on time!

But I still wanted to repeat the spikiness somehow of the centre star, and neither the half X block or the Wonky Star block were cutting it....so when in doubt lay it on the floor and just stare at it...

AAAAAAANNNNDDDD Stare some more...then make a cuppa and surf the Net

Then Voila you see something jiggle it around on the photocopier, chop it in half and it becomes the perfect block...YAY...happy dance

Block is one half of this Quilt Pattern by Rashida Coleman Hale
 and all I did was replace the 4 segments in the diamond with lime string blocks so that they echoed the pointy star in the middle....whaddya think?

Auditioning very very thin borders....I think it was 1/4" finished....nightmare against the biased seams of the star edges

But I really did love the finished look

And some of the gorgeous accidental  fabric match ups and with careful fabric placement I think you could really highlight the 3D effect you get, which was difficult to show in these pics.

A whole quilt done like this is DEFINITELY being added to my Bucket list....

The last few borders are making these quilts a little large to photograph well

So the before work shots were pegged to the fence LOL

Even standing on Little OWB's table didn't make me high enough....the neighbours think I'm Bonkers leaping around my back yard at 7.30 in the morning!

I'm already over half way through with Alice's border for her Possum Magic Quilt and it's of a completely style, which is what keeps this Round Robin fun and stimulating.
I really will be sad when it's over, but can't wait to see all the finished tops!

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  1. This is absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Very inspired border! Color/fabric choices are so perfect with the rest of this quilt! Your Possum Magic group is very talented.

  3. Love your border - the whole quilt is stunning. You will all have an heirloom to treasure when your quilts all arrive at their rightful homes.

  4. Staring, cuppas and Internet surfing are the trick, eh? It obviously worked! I will have to try that technique myself one day.
    Once again, I am amazed by your stash and your dedication to the cause. What a great effort!

  5. Super awesome addition! Love how well the lime green plays with blue/purple color :)


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