Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Finally a Bee Block Out On Time

So I finally did it, I have managed to post a Bee block for StashBee within the correct month...whew...seriously I never thought it was gonna happen!

I used to wonder how people could be late with Bee blocks when they only had to make one block....

NOW I KNOW! ...It's called life and it can really get in the way of great sewing plans

Anywho...this is March's Block  request from Anna and it is awesome to much so that I have added it to my ever growing list of WIP's I urge you to check out the tutorial and have a go yourself

I highly recommend using the graph paper and working out your size then what I did was write the cutting measurements inside the spaces so you can draw and colour and figure out all in one step, then just tip your low volume scrap basket out and go for it!
Also how cute is this hat??
My wonderful friend who is also the mother of "my son from another mother" (aka 2nd son's bestie) made this for my wee girl using this tutorial in one night......tada....just like that...I think crochet is her Super power....and I love it!
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  1. That bee block does look tempting. How awesome to have a friend with a crochet super power! The hat is adorable.

    1. She is amazeaballs and if you look at my next post you'll see she made matching the Bee block it's addictive...imagine it reversed with scrap colour for each block and white/low volume crosses!
      Thanks for calling in :)


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