Monday, February 9, 2015

A Teeny Swap - Mug Rugs

To be honest I didn't really get the function of a mug rug when I first heard about them a few years back.

Isn't it just a weird shaped coaster???

 Clearly I was and still can be an idiot, they are oversized awesomeness!

They fit a drink and snacks and are very, very sexy coasters, who rightly so, look down on the sad and very small, plain, one function only,coaster!

The gorgeous and dynamic Ang from Gnome Angel set up another quick swap through Swapbot just before Xmas, and this is my contribution.

Mug Rug pattern is from Lethargic Lass, aka my hilarious friend Katy...go visit she is gold!

The dumpling pouch pattern is from here and was surprisingly easy to do and a pouch that I think you'll get better at the more you do.

Of course no swap is complete without some little extras and as the theme was Xmas and at the appropriate time...easy peasy

I wanted to keep this little glass Snowman but they always seem a little out of place in a Southern Hemisphere Xmas when we're usually sweltering in either humidity or blazing sunshine LOL

This is the gorgeous Mug Rug I received from Karen.

The Chopin reference comes from the fact that I often listen to music while sewing down in the garage/basement and quite often mixed in with my Fleetwood Mac,Ed Sheeran,Bob Marley and Eagles is classical music.I also like some old Nat King Cole and Ella Fitzgerald.
My music taste is eclectic....bit like me!

I love the Kaffe piecing and Karen also included these two fat quarters of fabrics I did not have!??

Love them...and a quick shot of the musically themed back, so cute!

Swaps are so fun...especially teeny weeny ones!
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  1. The mug rug is adorable but I think I love the dumpling bag best. I really like it and I think I will attempt one. What did you use for interfacing?

  2. I'm blushing!! Me and sexy coasters in the same breath!

  3. I think we have similar eclectic musical tastes. I listen to a lot of classical, and then drive like an idiot singing along with pop in the car.
    I joined a mug rug swap. I don't want to get my giant weird-shaped coaster dirty! It is too pretty!


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