Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Look what arrived in my mailbox today from Karen aka Sew Peachey

So, so ,so pretty all wrapped up in Red Letter Day by Lizzie House, which I don't have any of, and desperately wanted some of those ducks!!

Do you know how difficult it is not to rip into packages that you haven't purchased for yourself!!

then there is this BEAUTIFUL mini spools!!!!!

And all these other delicious things, Heather Ross key fob.....GET OUTTA TOWN CUTE!
Tape measure washi tape and chocolate....I had to sit down

For my first swap ever I can't believe how awesome it's been despite a few hiccups and one family tragedy ( not ready to share) and I really can't wait for the next one to begin...Quilty people are amazing,kind,creative,generous and generally bloody gorgeous....Thankyou Karen


  1. Great package for a great partner -- this mini was one of the others that I was watching very closely so at least I know it went ot a good home.

    1. Thanks Katie! It's even lovelier in real life :)


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