Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday Stash # 13 - The Strays

Hi My Lovelies!

I have been trying to round up the strays this weekend and get some order cleared in the nether regions....NO not those ones...the downstairs, where lurks my poor neglected stash and sewing machine, aka Lady Muck.

I kinda succeeded

3 blocks isn't too bad is it for a whole lot of fluffing around?? And I didn't even get to make enough time to show you the teeny tiny houses I've had forever AND some of the blocks that have been arriving for my month as Queen Bee for Compass Quilters.

 These are my two blocks for Stash Bee.This month's queen was Kathy who graciously stepped in for another as life got in the it does! 
This quilt is for her little girl and all that was required was books on a shelf with selvedges as titles....sooooooo much fun was had hunting through my selvedges that the books were done OVER a week ago and I've only just sewn the titles on today

WTF??...anywhoo going in the mail tomorrow!!

2015 Stash Bee sign ups will be opening mid - October, see this post here .

Alison@little bunny quilts is taking over as Hive coordinator and I can't recommend this Bee enough.

I am having an absolute blast and have had a great introduction to my first Bee.

This is a test block for one of the ideas I have for Carla's Quilt in possum Magic so far I'm very happy with it...time is the evil here...I have ten days to make alot of little blocks...

Also if anyone would like me to tag them in a Blog Hop week after next let me know. I've been tagged for this week and since I've been away from blogland sooo much lately it seems everyone but me knew about it!!!

This is my lone fabric purchase this week, a beautiful 1/2 yard of OOP Tula Pink scored via IG from my lovely friend Katie

Linking up with Molli who has lovely friends too...they send him stuff just cause he said stuff ?

Molli Sparkles


  1. Ooh, I love those Tula feathers. And what a great idea to make a book quilt with selvedges? Such fun!

  2. Your blocks are all so pretty. Love the books, what a great idea to use the selvedges as titles. The flower is perfect: look at those leaves!

  3. Love those Tula feathers. That is a serious score! :)

  4. I say loads of stuff but it hasn't resulted in fabric yet! I love that fabric.

  5. Those Tula feathers are great! As are your blocks, I love how you worked in the selvages!

  6. Thanks for the special shout out. your blocks look awesome

  7. It does look like you've been having fun with your little hive of bees. I should say the recipient of the book blocks is going to have a great library when they are done! Kaja cracks me up with her comment! Thanks for sharing.

  8. I love the test block. I love the test block. I love the test block. Whether you decide to make it or not for my quilt, I am pinning that for later!
    Great choice of selvedges for book titles. I want to read Hello Pilgrim!


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