Saturday, August 16, 2014

Possum Magic - Border One

Well August has well and truly bitten me in the ass hasn't it?! We are already half way through it and this is my first post.

But have no fear my peeps I have been doin stuff and some of it has been sewing.

Possum Magic border one has been completed and sent!
This is Jane's centre block that I needed to add to, luckily I had seen it in advance and come up with an idea that I thought might go with the whole flying geese ,directional theme.

 But I did have to wait for it to arrive before I could do a proper fabric pull....then I left it until the VERY last minute, damn kids and stuff! But it came together perfectly and only had to travel to Wellington, Phew!!

Jane had used shot cottons which I do love but I know from experience the colour on screen can be deceiving to that of real life

 After ALOT of humming and harring about the background fabric I settled on my first choice...doesn't that just twist your undies!!

Another shot cotton in a gorgeous green, I couldn't decide on whether to separate the arrows from the geese with a small border, so once again went with my first option

 The pattern for the 3" ( finished ) arrows comes from here

And TaDa this is what I came up with ....... it's really saturated with colour in the flesh and I'm so glad Jane chose a dark background as it really pushed me with colour choice.

I even pulled out the old colour wheel thingy to contemplate what was going to make the deep Plum background pop and still give the others some variety to work with for accents.

Quite like it on point too...
Ta Dots are one of my absolute faves but the Kaffe Fassett print above, that I've had stashed for far too long, just looked great with every background I tried!

Now onto Carla's Border #2....this is all I have to show so far but I have decided to jump in and add colour to her gorgeous green leaf
Patchwork leaf block made using improvised curved piecing by Granny Maud's Girl
  Although I was tempted to stay with the colour scheme that Jane had added
I cannot help myself !!! There will be colour!!! Here are the other Possums,pop on over and see what they've been up to.

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 Linking up with the less than colourful this week Molli ( he has the Winter lurgy ) for Sunday Stash and fabricky goodness

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  1. Oh these are both looking great. I love the colours you have used for Jane's quilt, especially that gorgeous green.

  2. Jane's block is looking fantastic with your border on it. I love what you've done. I've had more thoughts about your centre, and am going to change it up a bit.

  3. Me again. I meant to say that the colour of the green border looks so much better than it did on Instagram. Have you got any left for Carla's block?

  4. That's gorgeous! Love colours! Looks amazing!

  5. The leaf looks awesome, really like the grey with it also

  6. Yay. Right on spot! You are doing some true magic down there!

  7. I just love the green you chose - spot on, Rebecca! (See what I did there? ; ) I just adore those Kaffe dots. I have some stashed, too!)

  8. Oh that green you added is gorgeous with the reddish colour of Jane's centre!

  9. Oooh! I love the green shot cotton with arrows and all the happy colours. What a great choice you made!
    When my fabric diet ends, I will have to buy some shot cottons. I think they might be solids that I will like.
    I wonder if little arrows would work well with Jo's big arrows ...

  10. you are doing a great job on these borders. It's hard to believe the both sets of borders were made by the same person!


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