Thursday, July 31, 2014

Compass Quilters Queen Bee for August - Hummingbird block

If you're one of my loyal lovely readers and not a Compass Quilter's Member and think I'm barking mad just mark this post as Read...I won't know ;)....or you could make me a block!!!


Hi my little Worker Bees!

I put my hand up straight away to kick off our little International Bee as I have been wanting my very own quilt of the block I chose since I made this quilt

 Yes disaster with the iron...I still loved it

 It's a perfect opportunity for fussy cutting

And although Rita doesn't think it's suitable for beginners as an introduction into paper piecing I think it's great, especially if you only have to do a few.....the precision is very satisfying!

So this is what I'm asking for my lovelies, two 10 1/2" blocks, that's 8 hummingbird blocks put together in fours like this one

To avoid the difficulty of all using a matching background fabric I would love you to go low volume, restricting it only by using black, grey, dark brown, dark navy etc on a white or cream background.

Then for the kites anything that has great contrast against the low volume background prints.
Fill your boots!.... bright?..... great! saturated?..... very cool, solids?......rocking.....fussy cut........,now you're just showing off!!

I'm putting this in Red so you will learn from my mistakes...mwahahaha!

1. Follow the order of the numbers DO NOT put the kite down first.....I did this on the first quilt for about 6 blocks and then AGAIN on this sample! It will not affect the construction but alters the natural pressing order for nesting seams....I struggle to follow instructions!

2. Do what Rita says and make a kite template with a 1/2" seam allowance so you KNOW your fabric is big will save you many bad bad bad words when you try to wing it!

3. Do not talk on the phone while sewing your halves together and screw up the orientation

4. Do print off one extra copy and make one block from beginning to end following Rita's instructions which are clear and concise, that way you will get a handle on what your doing and can work out your own way of speed piecing 


Since I first made this Quilt the pattern has now gone from being free on Craftsy to a nominal fee of $2, as I didn't want you to incur any extra cost on top of International postage I asked Rita to charge me for 7 copies....she has VERY generously sent me a link for free!
Please do not share this pattern ( I'm sure you won't ) and keep it for personal use, I don't want the Quilt Karma Fairies tempted! 

Here is the link below for the tutorial ( I will email the Pattern)

Now go to it my little minions....insert "evil laugh" 


  1. Umm, this block is gorgeous! I don't have low volume but will happily buy some! lol

  2. loving it, I may have to do some shopping, but I love fabric shopping. :)

  3. Wow! This looks really cool! For a moment I was panicking because I thought it was the same Red Pepper Quilts one I'd chosen for Sept.!!!

    1. That's funny, Nesta, as at least one of the ideas I am playing with is also Inspired by Red Pepper Quilts.

  4. Guess what I'm working on this morning. :) :)

  5. Love the colors you're using for the blocks, Rebecca! Hope your bee mates make you a delightful flock : )

  6. I finished my blocks today at my sewing retreat. All went well! I found it easier to ensure an accurate size if I only trimmed two of the three sides and then squared each block up after I had attached the four parts. There is a teensy bit of fussy cutting showing off. :)

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