Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Stuff Done - Bee Houses & Teeny Houses

lots of pictures to follow...just saying...

Here are my teeny tiny houses for the International Patchwork House Block Swap, organised by Angie of Gnome Angel and here is the Flickr Group.

It's run through SwapBot which is quite nifty and something I'd never heard of before, but it's been fun and really mental piecing such teeny bits....many, many, many bad words were said

But I did learn something interesting about myself?

Hi my name is Rebecca and I struggle with Improv Sewing, I have not been able to just go with the flow since I first started quilting and when I have to do Improv for Stash Bee etc I freak out and try to figure out a non pattern or plan in my head.

It's really hampered my ability to hang with the cool Improv crowd cause I really really like it but I'm a secret planner and need a little direction just so I can then veer off course and feel like a rebel.



Don't ask me what the method  is in the madness of  being able to just "wing it" when it comes to doors that are 1/2" x 5/8", but I could not follow Angie's example. I just cut and sewed little bits until a house appeared

The fabric choices and fussy cuts took waaaayyy longer than the actual sewing

And I ridiculously thought in my head the house couldn't be taller than the gnome, but his head is never going to fit through that door

Love the itsy toadstools

And of course a rabbit lives here....

Some of the houses are 2 1/2" wide...crazy...a whole quilt of these blocks would be insanely cute

Not enough room for all 3 ducks sothe two I cut off  were left to fend for themselves

Once again I used this tutorial for easy drawstring bags to pop the blocks and some goodies into

 I really need to sit down and make a few of these to have on hand, great for using up fabrics you still love but have a selvedge date of 2008??? and 2009?...come on who am I saving these fabrics for???

These blocks below are for Tina who is July's Queen Bee for Stash Bee.
Tina sent out all her fabric for her worker Bees and requested this House Block, mine was a little slow in arriving Down Under so I improvised the first two blocks, using the only??? AMH fabric I had..

I had no idea that I'm not a Anna Maria Horner admirer, I really thought I was but I only had one fabric....that I could find.... in my stash

When Tina's fabric did arrive I unpicked a roof and added her fabric choice in from a left over scrap, I could've done more but as I was sewing late at night I screwed up the cutting and didn't have enough to use one cohesive scrap....grrrrr

Hopefully I captured the saturation of colour enough with the other two to make up for only one block of her fabric choice?

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  1. I'm the same way with improv - I need a defined outcome. Filling up a piece of paper, making a defined sized triangle, or here, making a house of a certain size. I think I get analysis paralysis when there's infinite possibilities. :) Same reason fat quarter bundles just sit around.... Your houses are adorable, btw. :D

  2. Cute and fun fussy cuts. I say: good job! :)

  3. What cute little houses! I love all the fussy cut elements - so adorable.

  4. Your houses are awesome! You totally rocked the improv! Your bags, and the Stash Bee blocks, you had some good stuff going on in your sewing room!

  5. Your houses are too freaking cute! Great job!

  6. Oh my goodness! Those teeny tiny houses are fabulous! Inspiring!!

  7. Oh the cuteness of your fussy cutting!

  8. I need a plan too. I cannot completely make it up as I go. Is there such a thing as planned improv? I could do that!
    Those houses are adorable because of all your careful fussy cutting.

  9. I m not in a good mood today, a friend sent me your pictures, it. s going to be a wonderful day, Thank s for sharing. :-))

  10. Oh my, these little houses are the cutest thing I've ever seen! They are wonderful!


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