Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday Stash # 11 - Bits and Bobs

Hello Sunday! 

How's your week been my lovely peeps? Mine are continuing to whiz past me at a freakish rate but that means we are definitely getting closer to Summer and longer evenings, YAY!

OK onto the fabric yumminess.One of the many things I love about the online community is the willingness of people to share a bargain or sale.

Jess at Elven Garden Quilts is one such lovely ( pop on over and check out the FMQ tutorials she has going on amaze-a-balls). 

A couple of weeks back she let everyone know that Becca from Sew Me A Song was having a $12 flat rate shipping sale......I had to come back to Jess's post as I was gonskey...

Here are the results

I love both these stacks simply for the bright contrast in colour against the white backgrounds, so crisp!

Surprise surprise, more LV prints and a couple of text prints that I couldn't resist
Top to bottom Ribbit, Newspaper, Alphabet and Pam Kitty's Recipe in Yellow and Red.
Becca has since sold out of a few of these prints but I have provided links to other shops should you feel that you must have some!

 Oh Minimalista why did I resist you for so long??
Confetti in Watermelon, Noir and Turquoise....cute,cute,cute
Why does Black sound so much sexier as Noir?

Script in Turquoise, Honeycomb, Watermelon and Noir

Flora also in Watermelon, Turquoise, Honeycomb and Noir, no real plan for these yet but I really want to have something done for Summer, with these in mind....hmmmm

Now Chicopee? How did I not appreciate the deliciousness of these prints before? I really like alot of DS Prints and have quite a range in my stash....I still have some Katie Jump Rope left over from this quilt...should I be offering some up as a giveaway maybe?

Anywhoooo I cut into this group for Tina's blocks before I could even photograph them as the saturation was perfect for her needs.

This little stack was on sale so is no longer available but Becca does still have these prints

Last but not least this darling grey Floral Print from Studio E ....I may have enough LV prints now?

Linking up with the Divine Molli Sparkles, try not to giggle at his David quotes!

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  1. Holy wow, woman, that IS a haul! Love all of it though, how could you not?? Cannot wait to see what all of these lovelies grow up to be :)

  2. LOVE all of it! You have great taste in fabrics.

  3. That is a lot of stash! I love the Squared Elements especially.

  4. Dang! Now you've got me itching to buy more fabric! :D And you're so right about the black vs. noir thing.

  5. oohh boy what a haul!!! Love the all

  6. Someone has been super busy! Great job with your latest additions :)

  7. I really, really want ribbit, but I am on a fabric diet.
    This diet just about killed me yesterday. A sewing group member was emptying her stash and selling off beautiful fabric at rock-bottom prices, and still I resisted.

  8. Okay somebody went a little bit Cray Cray! Looks good though and I hope you have a wonderful time playing all of this deliciousness!

  9. You can pack all of these up and send on over to me, thanks! :D


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