Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Fabric Tuesday - Flying Straight And True

Have you guys heard of the  Play Crafts blog? Or the Palette Builder?

If you haven't click on the links above and pop on over and check it out.....I'll wait.........


Very cool place isn't it!! The Palette Builder is a whole day of playing and uploading and playing and taking more photos and playing...anywhooo Anne is the crazy clever mastermind behind Quilt Design A Day

That is where I saw this beauty, Dessert Hues, and I had to stop everything else and email Anne to ask if I could buy the pattern, she responded kindly and said there is no pattern so fill your boots (my words not hers) 

image source http://www.play-crafts.com/blog/quilt-design-a-day-5/

So fill my boots I did! I worked out the Math, then...... you would be so proud my peeps, I also worked out if I had enough background white BEFORE I started cutting!! I KNOW, crazytown!!

It  was not cooperating weatherwise all week last week so just deal with the shadows, I did LOL

I really love the simplicity of the colours and design ( smooth out the wrinkles in your mind and on my forehead too please )

Confession...I did use alot of really bad words when pressing as I used a gorgeous silver crossweave for the grey and it sheds like a Yeti in the Bahamas!!

You do not want dark threads showing under your white people, it's like a pantyline,no no no

I really wanted to put another chenille backing on it, in White, so that means it's off to the longarmers again! I really will have to sell a child soon....or maybe she'll take one as payment??

Linking up with the ever lovely Heather & Megan of Quilt Story Fame for Fabric Tuesday

 Fresh Poppy Design

And also Alyce from Blossom Heart Quilts for Sew Cute Tuesday

 Sew Cute Tuesday


  1. :))) This is gorgeous! I love the simplicity of this quilt and, I enjoyed very much reading you.

  2. I think Maryse said it well about simplicity being wonderful!

  3. Love it! Will you continue the white to the binding too?
    Hilarious how you calculated before cutting. I am sometimes guilty of not doing that too.
    Any magic used to keep your geese so neat and pointy?

  4. So great. I keep seeing their designs on fb and I want to sew them up ..I don't know how they can stand not stopping and making every single one.

  5. Love this!! I'm also interested in this pointy geese magic!

    There's one of Anne's patterns I'm dying to make too but it has to go on the 'one day' list. Sometimes I think I'll either never finish the projects I've started, or I'll never start the projects I want to. Still trying to find that balance...

  6. I really liked this design when Anne shared it on her blog too. It looks great, well done for getting it made, and for checking you had the right amount of fabric first.

  7. oh that's just lovely! What a fabulous design, the pops of colour are wonderful. I think you should save up all your quilt tops, and the money you'd spend to get them quilted, and then buy a long arm!!

  8. This is amazing. I am so inspired.

  9. I love this. It is beautiful and modern. Just super fresh looking. I have just now designed a quilt (in my head) that would go in a series with this one. lol. Gorgeous work.

  10. Your Quilt is incredibly wonderful. I love everything about it - you could frame it is is such a piece of art. Thank you for the "heads up" on those websites, so we can go over a play a little too!

  11. Okay, there goes the entire rest of my day! After i email this to a few friends! LOL I love that Palette Builder has both Kona Cotton and hex codes! Wahooo!


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